Desperately seeking courier for upcoming trip

  1. Hello! Like an idiot tonight I purchased a courier from Bluefly only to realize it was the Courier Extra within minutes of my purchase, which is way too huge for me so it will go back. I tried to cancel right away but they told me once the order goes in they can't retract it since it was relayed to the warehouse already. Stinks as now I'll have to pay return shipping. Anyway, I've got an upcoming overseas trip and I want to get a hold of a courier depserately in preferably a color other than black. Does anyone have any tips without me having to call around to so many places? Has anyone spotted any couriers while out and about lately shopping? I'd love to find a used mint one, but again like a dummy I passed on a great one on eBay a couple weeks ago and now I really need one. Any suggestions? Thanks so much!!
  2. BalNY has some Couriers from 2006. Also, Gretta Luxe in Boston has a Cinnamon from f/w 2007 available as of last week. Good luck!
  3. Thanks Cracker!
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