Desperately seeking Chloe shoes/boots

  1. Hi Girls!

    I desperately need you help in tracking down my HG flat red shoes. Chloe 'Prince' Ballerina Flats in red. They look kinda of like the moccassins but are much daintier.

    To cut a long story short, I was in Paris over Christmas and walked all over to lots of Chloe stockists (two Chloe boutiques, Galeries Layfayette, Printemps and shoe store Iris) and could only find them in black. It's amazing how popular Chloe shoes are!

    I am looking for a size 40.

    I've tried Matches Fashion but have found their online service a complete and utter sham - the shoes appear to be in stock and you can go right ahead and put them into your basket and pay by credit card and then next morning you get a very short email saying basically, 'Sorry, not in stock, your card will be refunded sometime in the future' - Most unprofessional in my opinion! (by the way the shoes are still showing as available on that site - it's a joke, they didn't even alter the sizes available! Also, staff don't reply to emails at all) Won't be doing online business there again in a hurry! :cursing:
    Rant over.

    Help would also be really appreciated in finding a Chloe boot with a heel less than 4 inches!

    Would any of you ladies know online boutiques that may stock them and who ship to Europe?

    Oh and sorry for the tiny photo - Matches stooopid website wouldn't even let me copy a bigger pic.

    Many thanks in advance,

    p.s. Apologies if this is posted in the wrong place!
  2. How about ?
  3. They don't have them, but thanks for the suggestion! :smile:
  4. Hi Jeniwren,

    yep, I did exactly the same thing with Matches, they reduced them further today to an amazing 138 pounds and they had my size in stock so I paid for them, and then got the email back saying no longer available, so why have them as available and further reduced, its such a bad service :sad:

    Will keep a look out for you :smile:
  5. Hi Chloe-Babe,

    Thanks for the reply. I can't believe they're still listing unavailable sizes.
    Yup, Matches seems to be a total joke - I'm amazed because I thought the actual shop had a good reputation! Such great shoes too...
    Oh well!

    Would appreciate it if you manage to track any down - I'm in Ireland and Brown Thomas is the only store that stocks Chloe shoes and they have a very limited (and unimaginative) selection.

    The search continues...