Desperately Seeking Chloe Hampton Handle

  1. Hi All,
    Terrible incident just occurred - I finished working and I stopped at a restaurant for a take-out order. I left my Chloe Hampton Handle Bag Large Chocolate on the passenger side floor. Upon returning about 40 minutes later. Some idiot had smashed the drivers side window and taken the purse. Luckily, the wallet was with me and not in the purse. Oh well, I know it was not smart to place it on the floor - I'm really naive about these things. I've really learned a valuable lesson. If anyone knows of anyone with an authentic Chloe Hampton Handle in Large Chocolate Brown. It also must be authentic - this bag retails for 1500.00 at BG(no longer available). Please let me know. Thanks so much guys!!
  2. oh i'm so sorry! :sad:

    i didn't know this style so i googled it and here's a photo (from for anyone else who can help...

  3. Thanks so much for your help NYC Mom. I know it's only a bag but it was one of my favorites. Just started wearing it for the fall after buying it in March. You're the best!!
  4. Call my SA Lisa Hamlin from NM in Troy Michigan. (248) 635-8442 - if there is a bag in the entire NM system, she will hunt it down for you! I hope you find it, and I will keep my eyes open for you as well!!!
  5. Thanks so much - I called Lisa and she's not familiar with the bag but will checkwith her buyers. Really appreciate all of the help - you're the best!!
  6. Omg how horrible, I'm orry to hear this happened to you. :sad: I hope you can find a new Hampton soon, good luck!
  7. What a sad story, hope you find the bag. Keep us updated
  8. How awful Pursecrazy! You have all of us on the lookout for this bag now.
  9. That SUCKS. I hope you get your bag...
  10. That's awful, i'm sad to hear this happened.:sad:

    I hope you find a replacement bag soon - and anything else you may have lost.:heart:

    I'll keep an eye out for you, if i see one of the ^ i'll post it here too, along with the other ladies who are helping. xx
  11. Thanks so much nizlay!! - I just purchased it from Ebay. I've always been afraid of E-bay and never ordered anything - especially a designer bag...desperate times call for desperate measures. Again thanks so much to everyone. Committed PF'ers are the only people on earth who could understand this insane pursuit of 1 handbag!!
  12. Pursecrazy thats great. I hope everything works out and you have your beloved replacement in your hands very soon!
  13. What a sad story. Why don't you set up ebay to send you a favorite search every day (if you haven't already)? I have several searches set up. Maybe set yours up as Chloe & Hampton or something like that?
  14. i'm so glad you found one and that was so kind and thoughtful of you nizlay! i just love a happy ending...:heart: