Desperately Seeking Chloe boots

  1. I know I am about a year behind, but it does not hurt to try. I am desperately looking for a GRAY pair of Chloe stack buckle boots. I have been able to locate a few boots on different websites, but no one has GRAY. I am looking for size 35.5 or 36. Is eBay my only hope? Does anyone know where I can buy a gray pair of Chloe tall boots? Any help will be great appreciated. THANKS
  2. I know had some a few months ago....otherwise eBay is your only hope!
  3. hi - i'm still new so i hope this question is appropriate. there is a pair of chloe boots on craigslist that the woman said her husband bought on Amazon but they don't fit her. they're the two buckle tall, stacked heel boots. i've seen them identified as 'paddington' but not sure that's their name. i'm trying to determine if they're real.
    the thing that throws me off is the stamp on the inside bottom of the boot is silver embossed [the photo looks gold but she said it's silver]. i have a pair of chloe cuba shoes and the logo is just imprinted into the leather. it seems most other pairs i could find also had that.
    does anyone know if chloe ever has used a silver embossed imprint on any items?
    i've attached a photo of the zipper too because that seems to be the key sometimes.
    thanks so much for any help. i really don't want to deal with fake boots.
    this is a great site with tons of knowledge - thanks!
  4. I have these boots in brown which I bought last winter from NM. I just looked and the zipper doesn't have the chloe stamp. its a YKK stamp. The inside of the boots is a tan leather with a tan heat stamp.

    I hope this helps
  5. hi - thanks so much for taking the time to look. it seems to me it wouldn't make sense for a company to stamp one zipper on one color and not another color of the same boot. and the inside stamp seals it for me.
    says to me not real!
    again thanks!
  6. No problem....I love these boots BTW and there a few on eBay at a decent price of you really want one! but do have them authenticated!!!