Desperately seeking brogues (bicolor) velo, pt or work - please help!

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  1. Hi - I don't post much on here, just the occasional reveal & lurking to keep up with new season colors & styles. I was hoping you all could help me locate a bag - pretty please with lots of hot fudge, whipped cream and a cherry on top? I've been lusting after the new bicolor brogues bags - especially the velo style, though I would be happy with a part time or work too. I see the black/purple, anthra/yellow and navy/light blue (sorry, I forget what the official color names are sometimes) are available on, but I had heard of other colors available elsewhere. I was *this* close to getting a militaire/red velo from Bal London but all 3 they had in stock sold out in 1 day. Has anyone seen that combo anywhere else? The Bal London SA is being as helpful as he can, but wasn't able to tell me if any of the other Bal stores had other colors like the militaire/red available. I also tried asking at Bal NY, but haven't had much luck with them.
    If you have any brogues info at all, I will be so happy! Thank you in advance! :biggrin:
  2. Did you ever find one?