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  1. hi! anyone know where to find a Botkier Large Sophie Tote in Raisin? they seem to be sold out EVERYWHERE even eBay. i would even buy a used one! thanks for any info!!! :smile:
  2. Oops sorry! That was the satchel. I will look some more.
  3. So far found this one. I would double check if the web site is legitimate first of course. I have not bought anything off that site so I don't know.
  4. thanks soooo much for checking that!!! you're so sweet!!! they are legitimate (i bought something from them on eBay before) but sadly, that's the small size and i really want the LARGE one. the search continues...
  5. hey there! thanks so much, it's still $587.50. ugh... do you know of any coupon codes? thanks, again for looking. :smile:
  6. i think i saw one on - full price of course though :shocked: