Desperately seeking blue balenciaga! Help!!

  1. Hey ladies.
    Since you guys are all bbag expert, I was hoping I could get some help here. I have been wanting an ocean blue color or anything similar to that in a city or work. I checked eBay and found a few auctions but was wondering about the price.

    That one has a starting of 1399.99. Does Balenciaga boutiques still Citys in taht color? If so, what is the MSRP on it? Would I be getting ripped off if I purchased this bag??

    I was also interested in thsi one.

    I have no idea which one to go with! I don't really know what hte colors look liek IRL either. I really wanted a blue color though. Any advice is greatly appreciated! TIA!!!!
  2. As of yesterday Balenciaga NY has 3 Electricblue city in RH and some in GH. Nieman Marcus at Tyson Corner also have one. Barney NY also has some. There is no shipping fee for Bal NY. $1195
  3. Wow thanks sooo much!! Yikes but I think teh tax would bite me in teh butt right? on top of the 1195??
  4. and alsodid they have any GH wallets left? and wahts the MSRP on that?? SORRY!! TIA!
  5. If you purchase from a store yes you will have to pay tax, but would you rather pay 1195 +tax from a reputable store, or pay 1399.99 plus shipping for a bag you aren't 100% sure is authentic, brand new, and what it says it is? Plus if you buy from a store, you can actually see the color IRL and feel the leather and if they have a few you can pick which one you like best. HTH!
  6. Try AR then..that way you won't be charged tax since they are in Hawaii..
    GL! :nuts:
  7. thanks guys!

    purplewithenvy--you are totally right! I guess since the auction ends in 6 hrs and I JUST called BalNY and realized they closed 20 mins ago! :sad:

    *CROSSING FINGERS* I hope the electric blue citys are still there when I call tomorrow! thanks everyone :smile:
  8. sorry, whats AR again?
  9. If you ship it outside of NY then there's no tax and no shipping from Bal NY. I didn't check the wallet and didn't look what they have. Sorry.
  10. oh silly me.. aloharag right? JUST remembred! :noggin:
  11. Yup that is rite :nuts:
  12. wow awesome!! I just called them and they said they have the bag I wnated with no tax and free shipping :yahoo::yahoo:

    thanks SO much for all your help!!
  13. Congrat!
    So happy you scored one :woohoo:

    Post pic when you receive the beauty :woohoo::woohoo:
  14. CONGRATS!!! Do post pictures when you get it!!!