Desperately Seeking Bleu Glacier Giant Hobo

  1. hi everyone,

    have been reading this forum almost every day - so inspirational! :yes: i am a complete bal newbie and have a question: does anyone know where to find a bleu glacier giant hobo?? fell madly in love after seeing mimi23's fantastic BG GH day

    i have tried printemps paris (where she got her bag), bal NY (they only have one single terribly veiny one left and i am looking for smooshy and huggable!), AR, LVR, cultstatus.. all nada. i thought BG was not a hot color? :crybaby:

    any leads would be greatly appreciated!
  2. I think the one mimi23 has is the day and not the hobo, unless she has both.

    Ooops just saw you had said day in your post!
  3. i think i saw one on eBay this morning!
  4. there was 2 on eBay this morning, I love the seller of one of them, so I am actually considering the one she has, and I am not even a GH fan, but it just looks so gorgeous with that color!
  5. Erica has one on Ebay NOW!!
  6. It is a beautiful bag! Can't go wrong with Erica! :yes:
  7. Oh I LOVE the color!
    Good luck with your search.
  8. OMG you guys thank you!! *squeal*

    i am usually rather terrified of ebay but have read about erica on tPF and been impressed by all your enthusiastic recommendations

    oh donna! i was not a GH fan either until i saw it with BG - marriage made in heaven.. swoon. hope we dont end up in a catfight over the bag :nuts:
  9. The one's Erica has right now are TDF!
  10. ^^ITA, it is one of the best BG bags I have seen - such great leather,
  11. go for it! Erica is great and very helpful! Post pics soon!