desperately seeking black patent flap

  1. did I wait too long? Is it going up in price? anyone know of any medium or jumbo flaps in black patent? I'm so jealous of those of you who have posted your new purchases!!!
  2. I am not sure, but asking around it (and reading here) seems like the price increases are not as much on patent - more on classic caviar and lambskin which may be going up as much as $400 (or more?) depending on size. If you are serious, call around tomorrow because it is the last day before the price hike.
  3. I talked to NM SA a few days ago and there is a medium flap in black patent left in their database.
  4. A SA in Chanel NM at Short Hill told me that patent leather bags are not included in the price increase. I was there today for Chanel trunk show and intended to buy a patent classical flap bag before Feb. 1. Since they are not included in the price increase I decided not to get one. However, you might want to check with your SA. (She can be wrong but I doubt it.)
  5. Thanks ladies! I really appreciate the info. You are the greatest.
  6. if you still want, try bergdorfgoodman. not sure it's about a week ago they had 3 more. :smile:
  7. I saw a Jumbo Black Patent at the Neimans' in Charlotte, NC last weekend. I can't remember what kind of hardware it had though.
  8. CHANEL at Nordstrom Mall of America is scheduled to receive two more black patent flaps within the next coulpe weeks.
  9. :wtf: That's on my wishlist (Jumbo patent w/ silver h/w)! Anyone know the price? I'm thinking it's $1795 or $1895? But I wonder if the Patent flaps were hit w/ a price increase too....:s
  10. When I got mine in December, it was $1,895.
  11. Thanks for the info.Can anyone confirm if they are still the same price?
  12. the one tammy got was the cracked patent one though right?

    I think the regular jumbo patent wasnt hit with the price increase, just everything thats apart of the timeless classic.
  13. Yep, you're right. Mine is the crackled patent. The regular patent may be cheaper.
  14. Thanks, Kay! I wanted one of these so badly, and went to Bergies yesterday and got one! :yahoo: She is GORGEOUS! There is one left, girls- go get it!! Also, the SA said ALL Classics are increasing in price- including the patent. But, they still have it at $1895- so, go.... GO!

  15. Mine was $1895 before the increase.