Desperately Seeking an MJ "Sylvie" in Buff/tan!!

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  1. Now that I have my MJ 'Wham" satchel I am so spoiled by the feel of the softest leather. :heart:

    I ordered a Kooba, which came today and I am not feeling it and am going to return it. Wrong color....heavy as a ton of rocks.....

    But I saw the Sylvie online and the buff is all sold out at NM. Wonder where else?

    Any ideas? Thanks y'all!:rolleyes:
  2. I found the Sylvie on Here's a link to it. It's for $388. BG has it in black for cheaper but since you're looking for Buff, Zappos is the only place I found it by far. :smile:

  3. thanks darlin'!

    YOU are a Peach!
  4. P.S.

    I should have said MJ Sylvie double pocket studded hobo!!

    My bad, but hey, I love tha Sylvie you posted and will just have to check it out!

    Thanks again!
  5. You're more than welcome but I'll try looking for the pocket hobo and if I come across it I'll notify you. :smile: