Desperately seeking an eggplant bbag!

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  1. I am on a mission to find an eggplant bbag...if you have one you are selling or know of one available please PM me! Thanks :biggrin:
  2. Someone that I have seen on this forum (not sure of her user name) but her website is Last week she had an eggplant city. She has lots of pics. of it. Hope this helps.
  3. i think i saw one on eBay a couple of days a go... im not too sure if its still there though!

    good luck!
  4. Me too! I blame Murasaki for my new obsession!!!! :love: :love: :love:
  5. that's me! I did have two, but I sold both of them! I'll definitely let you guys know if the new owners end up listing them on ebay. :amuse:
  6. there's one on ebay now!

    eggplant classique ebay#6857833041

    :nuts: :love: :nuts:
  7. Let us know if you like!!
  8. Thank you!!! It is gorgeous!! I want it!! :love: I am so tempted to click buy it now...but I told myself I would wait until my Chloe baby paddington sold first (it is on ebay now). Now I am regretting declining an offer that was slightly lower than I wanted!!! What to do?? :wacko:
  9. If you really want it, I'd pick it up now. It probably won't last for very long on eBay. You'll sell your paddy, you an always relist it, contact those who made you offers before, etc.
  10. go get it girl!!!!!:love: :nuts:
  11. Go get the eggplant now since that color does not come up that often. It's also supposed to be the super luscious old leather.
  12. Seriously, grab it now!! Sounds crazy but my sisters neighbor is possibly getting it on buy it now. She is contacting her husband first at work! Gotta Go!! I'll have my sister stall her!!!!
  13. LOL. now that is seriously funny. ^^
  14. Hey, ya know here at the PF we girls stick together!!:nuts: