Desperately seeking a good recommendation.

  1. I need a bag recommendation from my sisters (and brothers!) on tPF:

    What is the best hard-wearing luxury bag you know of?

    A little explanation: I'm rough on things. I knock my poor bags around, I set them on the floor, I overstuff them, I always carry a book or three in them, and I carry them in the rain. I have a rough-and-tumble Aussie shepherd who sheds like a fur factory and thinks nothing of flopping herself over onto my handbag with a rawhide chew (no, thank goodness, she's never chewed a leather bag!). I'm really not going to cover a handbag in a "raincoat" and I don't have a shelved closet special for my bags. I use dustbags and flannel pillowcases for any bags that are temporarily out of rotation--but the ones that are in rotation may get suspended off a coat rack or spindle of a wooden chair.

    I really use my bags. I need a bag that can be really used and keep coming back for more.

    Any suggestions?
  2. i bought a marc jacobs blake (black) last fall and i am very pleased with it. i also am not one to baby something and this bag is still perfection. :love: i am considering a lighter color for summer now. :graucho:
  3. Any of the Louis Vuitton Damier bags. The quality is superb, there's no vachetta leather to worry about, and the coated canvas wipes right off. The Damier design looks classy no matter what, without being ostentatious.
  4. thank you both!

  5. I think maybe we were separated at birth . . .?:rolleyes: I guess we won't be seeing each other in the queue for gorgeous, pristine, fragile, white bags any time soon . . .!
  6. p.s. the large black LV Epi bags are pretty forgiving of us luxury loving, bag stuffin, clutter gathering, klutz-like gals!
  7. Not unless I'm buying for my *very* *prissy* sister-in-law! Oil and water, she and I. And that's an understatement!
  8. Oooh, and the dog hair probably wouldn't cling. Thanks! :idea:
  9. Mulberry, especially the darwin leather bags like Bayswater, Annie etc. See Mulberry.

    Also, the best part is, not only is it strong leather, but it softens with use and it's meant to look used and look used quickly. Part of the old English country house charm! :smile:
  10. You read my mind, I think--I was just looking at the Darwin Oak Bayswater and I swear my heart stopped for a second--that love-at-first-sight feeling! :love:

    I just posted a new thread asking about it, so I'll ask you!--how much does the thing weigh empty? I'm concerned it's going to be like a box of bricks before I start overstuffing it!
  11. Chanel's classic bags in "caviar" leather--particularly the Medallion Tote and the Grand Shopping Tote--are REALLY durable.
  12. Ah! Honestly, I never connected "Chanel" and "durable," but with all the good-looking vintage Chanel out there, you'd think I would've. Thanks!
  13. I would say Goyard- the coating and the material on the bag makes them completely waterproof- which is great for any kind of weather- and if you get a hard structured bag, rather than a tote, you wouldn't have to worry about ripping it... although I think even with the soft bags, they are pretty hard to destroy.
  14. I've been hearing lots of good things about Goyard. Thank you!!