Desperately Seeking a Caramel Bon Bon...

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  1. I know I should have got one when I had the chance, but now that I can't locate one, I'm feeling desperate!

    Any help on locating a Fall/Winter 2008/09 Shiny Patent Caramel Bon Bon, would be greatly appreciated!
    bon bon scan 2.jpg Chanel Fall 08 Bag.jpg
  2. Bump..... anyone? :sos:
  3. Wish I could help - it's a beautiful bag. I've seen a black Bon Bon Tote on EBay, which is the wrong color, and I've seen a Caramel Patent GST on EBay, which is the wrong style!!!! I wish you the best of luck and I will pass it on if I find one.
  4. i thought i saw a caramel bon bon on ebay..
  5. I recently snagged one that came back on return. Maybe put a bug in some SA's ear so if they get one they will think of you. Good luck.
  6. Thank you ladies... I will continue on my search!
  7. I'm so jealous!
  8. I got one!!! :yahoo:
  9. WOOHOO!!! Are you the one who bought the one on ebay or did you find it somewhere else? Congrats!