Desperately Seeking A Bubblegum Pink Balenciaga No More!

  1. Hi to all my new friends! Today I bought the bag of my dreams. A beautiful BBGM Work, and I will post pictures as soon as she arrives. I wouldn't have found this bag with out all the friendship, kindness, and knowledge you have all shown me. The rest of this post is for anyone interested in the final details of my saga.

    The "friend" who bought the City I wanted called my a day ago. She thought fed ex lost the bag or the seller scammed her. Karma? Today she sent me a msg saying she found the bag but was returning it to the seller and didn't understand why anyone would like this bbgm color. Did she momentarily forget that the color reminded her of Pepto Bismol when she mde the purchase? After that msg she wrote another, and said she was going to list the bag for $1375 with $25 for shipping. I wrote her and said " Are you frickin crazy or what?". Just kidding. I asked which she was going to do. She decided to return to seller because the seller had a friend who wanted it. Now, not only did this woman snatch the chance for me to own the bag I wanted but she didn't even keep it or sell for profit. Baffling. Mean while, the interest the seller had rec'd in the bbgm prompted her to cancel and relist her other bags for much higher prices. Now that I have bought a bag, I have no problem sharing the ebay id's of the parties involved and the item number of the bag I originally wanted to purchase. Pls let me know what you think of the seller's bags and prices. The seller was always extremely nice. To be fair my ebay id is deana81063, the seller's is designermaven, and the buyer's is 85490, yep that's right 85490. The ended auction number of the bag I wanted is 190022229348. Again, thank you all.
  2. I'm having problems following this story. Are you mad at designermaven or 85490? Maybe not mad, but frustrated....

  3. i think she's :hysteric: at 85490 ^^ (?!)
  4. She's definitely pissed off at 85490 for screwing her over big time!
  5. Congrats Deana!!:yahoo: Make sure you post some pics soon!!
  6. i'm alittle confused about the story with 85490...but I did know that you were looking high and low for a bubble gum pink congrats on finally being able to find one that you love.

    make sure to post pictures for us when she arrives.
  7. i know it was a long process, but congratulations on finally getting your dream bag!!!
  8. Hm - that's very odd about designermaven cancelling and relisting her bags for higher prices - she's a long-time seller of Balenciaga, I would think she'd know the market. Huh.:huh:
  9. Hi girls...Sorry for the confusing saga. If anyone is still confused I believe my post of the same title "without" the words no more, may clear it up a little better. Designermaven was nothing but "VERY NICE" to me and an innocent party to all this. The reason I have listed all ebay id's including my own is because so many asked in private messages or otherwise who the B*%*# was, and "MANY" have shared similar unpleasant dealings with 85490 with me. As I said in my first post...all is fair in love, war, and ebay auctions. However, because 85490 had prior knowledge of what I was searching for, she deliberately BIN'd a bag she disliked immensely. Not only causing me the loss of purchasing the bag of my dreams, but a headache for designermaven, when the bag did not transform into another color in transit. She eventually (after another round of back and forth confusing and frustrating communication) even had the nerve of implyng maven may have ripped her off and not shipped the bag. Then....SHE RETURNED THE BAG! The big finale being. "I still don't understand why anyone would want that color. I have decided that this bag has caused me too many headaches so I have decided to wash my hands of it!" Had I not been pissed off, stabbed in the back, drained, and accused of not being very diplomatic, only because I had the nerve to tell her what she did to me was wrong. I would have laughed my butt off! The only saving grace in all of this, was that because of 85490 (I have to snicker, that is the strangest id I have ever seen) I was led to finding this site and to meeting a great group of women who are funny, supportive, and very kind to this nut (me) with the HUGE posts! I am sincerely grateful to all who took the time to read some of these HUGE posts and to add their comments. As soon as my new baby (a beautiful BBGM Pink Work) arrives I will share pictures! Thanks once again to all!
  10. Deana congrats on your new bubblegum pink work!
  11. yeppers, congrats Deana, karma was on your side in this one girl :tender:
  12. Congrats, Deana! I'm so glad to hear you found the bag of your dreams! :yahoo: :heart:
  13. Congrats! I'm so happy for you!
  14. congrats on finding your dreambag, deana!