Desperately Seeking A Bubblegum Pink Balenciaga Bag!

  1. Hi ladies! I am a new member to this site, and what a great place it is! I am desperately seeking a 2005 Bubblegum Pink Balenciaga Bag. My first choice would be the City, second choice a First, but I am willing to consider any size at this rate. The only place I know of to look is ebay and I have been checking there daily for a while now.

    there's NO buying, selling or trading on tPF or in PMs here.
  2. Welcome Deana:flowers:

    I actually purchased my BBGum Pink City on Ebay recently. My first was purchased a while ago through a PF member, when trading was allowed. There is no Trading allowed on this board, . My best advice is to keep looking on Ebay for one. They are hard to find, but you just have to be patient and keep searching. I hope you manage to find one soon though, it really is a cute fun colour! If I find one on Ebay, i'll PM you, also, check the Achtung Balenciaga sub-thread on the Balenciaga thread, people post rare, hard to find BBags and also any good deals.
  3. Thanks so much for the reply, and offering to let me know if you see one on ebay. It's good to be reminded that there are few nice people in the world....During my search on ebay I met a gal who owned an 05 Sky Blue City and I told her that if I wasn't successful finding the pink by months end and if she hadn't sold hers' I would buy it. She told me she really didn't understand why anyone would want such a gross color and it reminded her of pepto bismal. 2 days ago a mint (never out of it's dustbag after purchase) was up for sale with a BIN of $1150.00 It was just listed. The seller wanted payment in 3 days, so before I executed the BIN I asked if I could pay in 5. While she was answering me with a yes someone bought it using the BIN. I was so upset, it was so perfect and at a great price to boot. Then I saw the buyers id, yep you guessed it the gal who hated the color and new I had been desperately searching. Naive or not business or not, I was really hurt. If our roles were reversed she would have gotten a msg from me telling her about the bag. Needless to say I told her how I felt and she feels I am way out of line for feeling how I do, and she may have sold it to me at first but now that I insulted her with my opinion, she hasn't decided what to do. Had she sent me a msg about it, I would have even bought her blue or offer a finders fee as I thank you. Now even if she does decide to sell it to me I don't know if I could buy it, then again it's so perfect I don't know if I can turn it down. Added to all this, I spoke to the seller and she said people do a BIN first and ask questions later all the time, and as a matter of fact this gal asked her 4 or 5 questions and it was very obvious she didn't want to pay until the questions were answered to her satisfaction. All this is an added reason to be desperately seeking for another bbgm pink bag. Am I really in the wrong for feeling she screwed me over? Anyone? Please don't be shy with any honest opinion, I can take it and I really want to know. Anyway thanks for reponding, and beautiful collection.
  4. To handbagaddict.....I was wondering if you could take a look at a bag on ebay for me. Ebayer cigmall item #110023110203. Low price and bad pictures aside, it looks alot like your first bag, and it looks authentic. What do you think? Thanks, Deana
  5. Deana, that one is fake :sad:
  6. Don't worry, I'll keep looking for you too... Actually lately bubblegum pink bbags has been listed on ebay for low BINs, and hasn't been selling very well... I'm sure some will pop up again soon! Which styles are you also interested in (aside from the First and City)? Are you interested in the Hobo? Work?
  7. Thanks...after I posted about the ebay bag I looked again and for one it's way too shiny. Not the hobo but deffinitely yes to a office. Do you know if there was a motorcycle made in bbbgm? I guess my deffinite no's would be hobo, twiggy, or box. I don't want to shock you Balenciaga lovers but it will be my first Balenciaga I buy. I am ducking from all the "What!" 's, coming my way, lol. I am a LV enthusiast and all my love and attention and a lot of my husband's money has gone to Louis Vuitton. But the one thing I love just as much as LV is pink. I am sure once I get one I will want other color's, but I have my heart set on losing my Balenciaga virginity on a Bubblgum Pink. Thanks again and I am so glad I found this site!
  8. d, i love bubblegum pink too! i have a bubblegum pink weekender and a bubblegum pink work. i am an avid bal collector and bubblegum pink is my favorite bal color. i am attaching a pix of my b. pink work that just got back from the bal bag "spa"!
    bpink wotrk PF1.jpg
  9. deana, i just read your story about that person on ebay, and it sounds terrible. what kind of a person would ridicule you for something you like and then turn around and basically snatch up what you want right infront of you? some people are just so two-faced... unfortunately though, my motto is: in the end whoever BINS wins!

    anyway, i am sure a bubblegum pink bag will come up in no time! they've been popping up randomly on ebay recently. definitely keep following the Achtung! thread as the gals here have eyes like hawks and post some amazing deals! :yes:

  10. your bag is so pretty....i love the pink color too, it's too bad i don't wear a lot of pink but i'd still want that color.

    Deana, goodluck finding your dream bag.I'm sure soon you'll find one. And I'll keep a look out for you too.:flowers:
  11. Deana, that is terrible what that other person did to you! If she were ever to sell it again, I don't think I would buy it from her, either. I'll keep my eyes peeled as well for any cities or firsts that pop up! :yes:

    Chaus - beautiful bag! That "spa" did wonders! :heart:
  12. Thanks everyone for being so kind. Thanks also for sharing your love of, and pictures of your beautiful bbgm bags. Hopefully I will soon have pictures to share with all of you. I will not give up my search! Alas, all is fair in love, war, and ebay auctions. Since I will be searching daily, if anyone is searching for a particular Balenciaga, besides bbgm pink ;) let me know and I would be happy to help.
  13. I need your help ladies! Please check out ebay item #130019968346 ebayer id frankmike and let me know if you think this is authentic and legit. Thanks!

    hi ya - if you want ur b-bags to be check out fake or not, please use the authenticate this balenciaga thread :supacool: cheers from mimz and helenNZ:heart:
  14. Deana, sorry to hear about your bad experiences with Ebay. The Ebay item you have posted is a fake sorry :sad: Can't believe the BIN price for a fake bag, makes me so mad:rant:

    I am sure you will find your perfect BBgum pink BBag soon! If you have anymore that you want us to check, just post it in the Balenciaga authenticate thread. :flowers:
  15. Can everyone please go to this link and report auction number 130019968346 as fake? The color is WAY off. I already reported it yesterday and the auction is STILL THERE.