Desperately seeking a Black Marc Jacobs Ursula Hobo

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  1. Oh dear, this Christmas gift is in jeopardy! Thought I'd found it for a steal... Eluxury had it on sale for $447 and Nordies price matched. My SA at Nordtsrom in Chicago sent it. Opened it today and it's the wrong one!!! Wanted the Ursula quilted hobo in black. Received the quilted banana hobo. :sad: Help! Has anyone seen one at your Nordstrom?
  2. they have (or had, as of tuesday) one at saks in san francisco. ask for jackie ni & tell her becki sent you.
  3. Does Saks price match? I may have to stick with Nordies only because Elux is now sold out of them at $447... so another store wouldn't be able to find it to price match. But since my SA at Nordies price matched it and simply sent the wrong bag, that may be my only hope of getting it at that killer price. :sad:
  4. I PM'ed you.