Desperately seeking a 227 Light or Dark Silver 2.55 Reissue!!

  1. Hey Girls

    I am desperately seeking the227 in either Light or Dark Silver 2.55 Reissue!! Its for my 21st and i neeed it! I have checked all boutiques in US & Australia. Anyone seen any in Neiman Marcus, Saks, bloomingdales?

    So let me know asap if anyone sees one in a STORE ONLY!

  2. Are u from Australia? *i feel like seeing ur username at vogue* if so, me too

    I found a 226 Dark Silver just recently at Bloomies NYC, I'm pretty sure that they still have 227 in Light Silver (a week ago or so) but the dark silver has sold out, i believe i got the real last one though and that was 226

    PM me if you need my SA's details otherwise gd luck :L: