Desperately seeking a 227 Dark Silver 2.55 Reissue!!

  1. My SA in BH checked the Chanel boutique stock - the computer said they are sold out across the U.S. (She placed a couple of calls for me, too.)

    Has anyone seen one at Neiman's, Bergdorf's, Nordy's, Saks, ANYWHERE PLEASE!? :sad:
  2. sorry, i think these are long gone... you might have to look into eBay.
  3. Thanks for responding!

    Does anyone out there own one? Can you tell me if you LOVE it or not? I think I'd love it, too? :yes: (meaning - it's worth scouring the earth for?) haha:p
  4. I have the 227 in the Black Metallic, and the DK Silver in the 226, I love them both! The 227 is a great size for Day to Night, more practical. The DK Silver is a gorgeous bag!
  5. I saw a black metallic the other day - it WAS gorgeous. I've heard many people say they've got the Dark Silver 226 and love it - some feel if it were a 227 it would be "too much".

    I might lean toward the black metallic in the 227...I already have the dark silver wallet on a chain and it is GORGEOUS. (and brighter than the reissue...see link below) :smile:
  6. My sa told me that they are coming back in spring summer 08. So if you can wait rather than over-pay on eBay it might be worth it....Also coming out in blue metalic and purple!!!!
  7. OMG - Metallic Blue and Purple? Stop! :yahoo:

    I found a dark silver 227 back East through a really sweet gal here on TPF...the SA is working on getting it out to me in the next day or two. I'm soooo excited!

    Of course now I'm freaking out over hearing of the blue and purple coming out in the Spring. I better get a 2nd job ASAP. :p
  8. Congrats on landing your heart's desire!
  9. Congrats! I'm glad you found one. It is a gorgeous color.
  10. ^^^I know. I am sooooo excited about the purple! I have the dark silver, too. Enjoy yours.
  11. If I am not mistaken there was one on display in the San Francisco store. i asked the SA... why is it still there? They got that pc in for some random reason. So call the Chanel Boutique in SF maiden lane.
  12. Thanks!! I cannot WAIT to receive my bag in the mail next week. I am sincerely hoping it's not too big (and flashy) in the 227...I may have to upgrade my wardrobe in that case! hahaha :graucho:
  13. I have the dark silver in 227. Love it! I am not flashy in the least and I don't think it's OTT. I use it as my jewelry or accessory.