Desperately seeking a 2.55 Grey Reissue (226)...

  1. If anyone sees it anywhere, PLEASE send me a PM or smoke signal. :nuts: Whichever that's more convenient for you! :lol: Thanks in advance girls! *Hugs* :heart:
  2. are you willing to do ebay? sometimes an authentic grey reissue pops up there.
  3. Hmm that would be my last resort. I'm hoping to purchase one from a chanel boutique... :lol:
  4. Did you call the Chanel 1-800 number? They will do a store search for you to locate one. As far as I know, they were sold out in the US. I would suggest trying Chanel in London, Manchester, Edinburgh in the UK. Have you done a store search for Bloomies, Saks, NM, BG, Nordstoms?
  5. I called today.....they are sold out in all of the US.
  6. you are right...
    i was looking for one a couple of weeks ago and my SA said that they are sold out....
  7. I was at the Chanel Boutique on Sunday and they said they can't keep them in stock when they receive them.
  8. Are they receiving more of the gunmetal grey reissues? O M G! :yahoo:
  9. They come out with different shades for each collection. The on one jemz is the 2005 limited edition. They came out with a dark white for the 2006 reissue (really lovely). I understand that there is a new white for the Cruise 2007 collection which I have not seen yet.:flowers:
  10. There's Chanel in Manchester? :yahoo: Do you know where?