Desperately searching for PYTHON CLUTCH

  1. Please ladies... has anyone seen the python clutch anywhere????

    I've been searching for this one and would be ever so grateful if you could help me locate one. TIA!
  2. Which color are you looking for? Is it the metallic bronze or silver python version?
  3. Did you check on eBay? Actually I just saw one bronze python clutch. Not sure this is the color you are looking for. Good luck
  4. I absolutely love the bronze one. but either one that I can locate, I would be happy with. I am trying to stay away from purchasing anything off of eBay.
    Please keep your eyes open. thanks!
  5. I saw one from Chanel b in Palm Beach. They had a python clutch, but its not the classic clutch like Larkie. It looks like the one that is posted from the thread posted " how do you care for python" in the original Chanel forum. Its for $1795. Call and ask for Jillian. She's so nice and helpful!

  6. That's the one I got from NM for 30% off. It's very beautiful. I hope the boutique ones is also onsale.