Desperately searching for Heart Chain Chanel Bag

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  1. Please please help me out...if you see anyone selling Chanel Heart Chain bag, please let me know. I've been searching for a long time and still can't find it. Finally found this forum and hope someone will be able to help out. Greatly appreciate ! :heart:
  2. Are you talking about the Valentine Bag from couple years back?? You're pretty much out of luck unless you find it from a reseller or evil bay.
  3. ^ and they go for a small fortune too!
  4. I want to wish you lots of good luck in your search, it took me two years and afew failed auctions, but in 2008 I managed to get both the pink (rare) and the orange/red valentine chains (super rare).

    It took me 3 years to get all my (rare and super rare) HGs too (except for the grey charms flap as thats a new HG!).

    In the meantime, have a a look at my thread on Valentine Editions, you may like those styles too.
  5. thank you chanelbaby...I know it's going to be tough to collect them. I had my chance to get it when it came out, but I could not make up my mind and when I came back to buy it was too late lol. Do you mind show photo of them? I just want to look at them...:crybaby:
  6. yayyyyyyyy good luck Tokyolove, are you going for it?
    I posted my bags that are in the US in Chanel family portrait just afew pages ago :smile:
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    I just check the forum now, let me check it out. thank you!!!

    Omg I just saw heart pound so fast. thank you so much
  8. I just read the description about the bag...I think I will pass, because it has been redyed and the seller still selling for that price. I will keep searching and hopefully the another will pop up.

    chanelbaby - I just saw your photos...the one that you have is the one I want to get :rolleyes: hehe
  9. Tokyolove,

    Did you ever find the Chanel Valentine Heart Hobo (chain)? I know where to find an authentic one in yellow....
  10. I actually found it few months ago. I got the pink one for a really reasonable price. My next one will be lavender XD . . . when I'm not on banned anymore lol
  11. Try Chanel at mall in millenia, Florida. Was there in June and they had a lot of the older lines available.
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