Desperately searching for GGH 21 Black City in London

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  1. Can anyone help? Regret not getting one when I heard they had them in stock a month ago. Everywhere has sold out, although I felt that HN and Selfridges weren't very helpful and they didn't check the stockroom. Mount Street were more helpful but out of stock. The SA checked stock room whilst I was on the phone. If anyone sees one, please PM me. Many thanks.
  2. Can anybody help? Please!
  3. Hi honeybunch, they will be getting Black GGH as limited editions soon. So hang tight and check in with your boutiques on their arrival. Hope this helps!
  4. Hi there, who told you this information? I called Mount Street and they said they didn't know if they will be getting anymore as they already had them in as limited edition about a month or two ago.
  5. I was told they'd receive it soon in Oct.
  6. Just in Cannes, or all over Europe? Do you have your SA's email address? I'm so desperate to get hold of one!
  7. Hi! Was it Sebastien at Cannes boutique that told you they would receive it in Oct?
  8. Hi honeybunch, yeap that's what I was told! He's the best.
  9. How quick does he respond to emails? I emailed a couple of days ago but have not had a reply.
  10. Sometimes they are really busy with walk ins, etc. and if he is on leave, no one will attend to your emails until he comes back. Just wait a day or two, if still no replies send a reminder. HTH.
  11. Thanks. He replied today but not with good news. He said they are due to receive the GGH City but they are all reserved for customers. I am so disappointed.
  12. Just wait and keep checking when they get it. There might be some cancellations on the reservations...

  13. That's what I thought. I emailed him to ask if he could let me know if he had any cancelled reservations but he didn't reply. I wonder when exactly they are going to receive them in the boutique, because I don't want to keep bombarding them with emails.