desperately searching for a violet flap

  1. hi there! i am in a desperate search for a violet caviar flap. i would prefer medium or large but might be talked in to an east west. i don't think i want lambskin but if you see one of those let me know too.

    i have called chanel in nyc who did a search, Saks (who i have not heard back from), neiman's and Nordies. i feel like i've hit a wall. it might be impossible but i believe there is one out there for me!

    please let me know if you have seen one lately. thanks so much!
  2. Please help my friend hlfinn out! If you see one hiding at your local store, give a shout! :smile:
  3. I just send an email to my SA and asked her to check for you. She'll probably reply sometime tomorrow. I'll let you know.
  4. Do you just want a new one? This online consignment has a lilac one. I think she is pretty reputable, but I would ask about her first if you are interested.
  5. here it is

  6. thanks guys!

    thank you so much piper! i really appreciate the call.

    sabi- thank you. i think that's lilac. i am looking for the darker violet. but that is lovely...

    aw thanks rocker! :love:
  7. does she ever negoatiate? anyone know?
  8. I saw that purple one by Personal Shopped and nearly fainted it's so beautiful!!
  9. How much is a jumbo lambskin now? Coz I know this seller usually mark up her bags...
  10. it's about 2500 i think actually.
  11. My SA wrote me back and said that they're sold out but they do have a dark violet tote. She didn't elaborate. You could call her unless you're set on a flap. Her name is Angie in the Chanel Boutique on Madison Avenue in New York.
  12. thank you piperlu! i really want the flap. i guess eBay is the only way to go. thank you so much for all your help!
  13. stunning bag!
    good luck on your search.