Desperately needing help re: diaper bags. Looking for a good designer bag

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  1. I’ve been invited to a dear friend’s baby shower. I love a good handbag and we joked about me giving her a Louis Vuitton diaper bag. However I can’t find a Louis Vuitton diaper bag. Gucci has one, but since I have never had children I don’t know what type of organization needs to be in the bag. Size, Accessories, interior/exterior pockets. The mom-to-be is a stylish, no logo type. I see these black bags by several designers. Are moms packing black diaper bags?
  2. A diaper bag is going to get gross. Milk or formula will spill. It will have crumbs, crayons, wet clothes, and crap all over it. If you want to get a nicer diaper bag, maybe kate spade? I’m worried a beautiful expensive bag will be wasted on a diaper bag...
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  3. I second getting a Kate Spade. I have used one of their Watson Maya nylon totes for about a year as basically a gym bag. It's lightweight and since it didn't break the bank, I don't feel that bad buying a second one here soon as a diaper bag.
  4. Lily Jade has some nice leather diaper bags and they come with an awesome insert that has tons of pockets.
  5. Check out Mina Baie. I love their bags. They have nice vegan leather ones but also genuine leather. Lily Jade has nice leather too but the style of their bags are not my style and the internal organization (even with the insert) is terrible.
  6. I’ve been using my Gucci diaper bag for 2 years and will use it with the new one. It’s been very easy to keep clean because of the material and I honestly highly recommend it. It comes with a changing pad like most diaper bags. The outside pockets have been great for small liquids. I can’t remember if I saw the Gucci one without logos when I initially went shopping.
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  7. My wardrobe is mostly black and neutral so naturally I got a black diaper bag (jujube Onyx B.F.F. Diaper Bag in Black Out).

    I think it's great for both mom and dads and you can wear it on your shoulder or as backpack. As a new mom, I can confirm that you think you'll like one thing but then completely change your mind after.

  8. I got the NF GM in Damier Ebene, along with a ToteSavvy organizer for it. My LO is due in a couple of weeks, and I'm excited to use it as a diaper bag.
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  9. Armani Baby!
  10. I used a Givenchy Antigona tote with my oldest son and hated it. Because it had an open top, I was always nervous about things falling out - especially in the car or at parties/etc with little kids running around. Ive been happiest using the largest Longchamp (with the long shoulder straps) as a diaper bag. It has a top zipper, is incredibly lightweight, yet still strong - and technically can be thrown in the wash. I do wish it held a little more, but, if it's a short trip someplace it suffices for both my 3 year old and 6 month old.. If we are going somewhere for longer Ive taken to splitting clothes/accessories/diapers in the Longchamp and all food/drinks in an Oniva insulated tote.
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  11. I love seeing the Gucci ones.
  12. I’m using a MCM tote right now but looking to get a Damier Neverfull. I’ll use a purse organizer to protect the inside.
  13. Have you looked at Vanchi? They've got a great black one that's got all the bells and whistles. I love it!
  14. Before I had kids I was a snob and thought I would use a Longchamp tote with an insert or maybe splurge on a Gucci diaper bag.
    I ended up finding a really nice and chic Skip Hop--and it's has been a workhorse. 4+ years and 2 kids later it still looks nice.
    Mine came with a changing pad, insulated bottle pockets, and multiple interior pockets. It also has two diff sized zipper pockets and straps to attach easily to a stroller, which was BRILLIANT.
  15. I got this one and love it.
    I love the Happ bags because they are really deep on the inside. I wanted something that still looked decent but could hold all of my new baby's essentials. I wanted the 200 USD dollar and below range for a diaper bag. Plus, I had been considering leather ones but ultimately found them to just be too heavy while also being only 4'11 and trying to carry around a chunky baby at the same time. Just wish that they currently had more colors in stock.