Desperately Needin A Brown!

  1. SO we all know I didnt love the POCKET IN THE CITY bag after the CHAOS I went thru trying to get the right bag delivered...heehee

    So My Chanel SA calls and tells me the EXPANDABLE FLAP in BROWN IS in stock now.BUT I kinda wanted to tote style and the SHARPEI TOTE in brown MORE..
    I cant REMEMBER if I even liked this bag IRL at the trunk show either. I am home sick so I dont know If I am shopping smart ...LOL....Should I get this bag or wait?
    Yes..Im VERY impatient...What do u guys think of the expandable flap from the new collection????
  2. BTW,I have last seasons expandable in Black and peachy pink..LOVES IT....
  3. :flowers: Jill, first of all, hope you're feeling better soon!
    I prefer the expandable tote, to be honest.

    Here's a pic from the Expandable flap (borrowed from CHANELboy) as a reminder for you:

  4. I would defini:yes:tely go with the Sharpei in the NS shape, it is so cute and different. I have too many EW totes and the Sharpei is smokin!
  5. have you seen the Hawaiian version of Sharpey?
    I think it looks pretty good....

    hm.... I don't care too much for the new Exp flap thou... I have a current seaon Exp flap.. and I think the current season one looks better.
  6. What is the HAWAIIAN version?
  7. I'd love to see the Hawaiian version too?
    I bet its gorgeous!
  8. Thanks for the link - that is a beautiful bag!
  9. I would try to get the expandable tote in brown. I am wanting a brown bag as well and am holding out hope that NM is getting it in brown.
  10. ^I called NM..They arent gettin the tote in Brown LULILU....UGH

    I do LOVE that SHarpei in the pic..ANyone know the phone number for the store that has it?LOL....I think thats the Chanel medicine I need to feel better,ROFL!
  11. Jill, I just bought a Chanel in a lovely dark brown color, it is the Bubble Quilted Bowler. I think that bag is gorgeous.
  12. ^I just saw yer pics Petal!VERY PRETTY! But Im more of a tote gal!
  13. [​IMG]

    Lots of brown bags this season.
  14. I also wanted this Jill! I don't think the Expandble looks gorgeous this fall...