Desperately need your opinions on the Cherry Blossom!!

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    I always buy conservative colors and never monogram. So why am I obsessed with the discontinued LV Cherry Blossom Papillon - in pink! Am I nuts?

    Are you familiar with it? Pros/Cons? I need your perspective before buying a light colored canvas bag with smiley flowers all over it. Help me please! :smile:
    LV Cherry Blossom.JPG
  2. I am honestly not a fan. It looks very animated and dated!
  3. Lol, maybe you just need something different- but not that different.
    Maybe you'll just like it from afar but won't actually use it in real life? :shrugs:
  4. It looks "kiddish" to me....the bow....the pink....the smiley flowers....maybe if I was 5. Sorry! BUT if YOU like it, go for it? Personally, I don't like the bag at all.
  5. I can't explain why I like this bag. I picture a crisp white shirt, jeans and this little whimsical bag. Too much work and no play lately? Maybe! It's a total departure for me. Keep your opinions coming! :smile:
  6. I LOVE this collection. Took me years to find all the pieces. I will be honest. As much as I LOVE IT, I dont use any of the bags. If it appeals to YOU, go for it! It will definately turn heads with its uniqueness. Good Luck!!:biggrin:
  7. Not for me... but if you love it, why not?
  8. Why don't you use your handbags from this collection? Too kiddish?
  9. The bags are kinda kiddish? I can show you if you would like to see?
  10. Now I'm making up words. I meant child-like. Someone said they look like they're meant for a 5 year old. Seriously, I'm curious why you don't you use yours.
  11. I loved the Cherry Blossom and really wanted the Pink! I find the Papillion hard to carry but...for a fun bag. go for it.

    jeans, a white shirt, cute sandals/flats..a little pop of pink :graucho:
  12. Noooo, we know what you mean! :smile: Awwww, well, everyone has their opinions about them. Thats ok! I still LOVE that collection, especially the SLG’s. Its a fun collection and you have to pair it with the right clothing, but not just that. Its from 2003 so Im not sure if people have problems with older collections. I would Love to see someone sporting a Papillon or pochette! Super cute!!:balloon:
  13. agree!!!:smile:
  14. I had the brown cherry blossom pap and loved it. I sold it about 2 years ago. It is easy to use and opens very nicely. I never thought it looked too young. But then again I know a bunch of 20 and 30 somethings that are old souls! LOL

    The bag is great. Get it.
  15. Thank you!! I'm out. I think it's cute but for the investment, I think I will get something a bit more classic. That I posted this thread at all is telling. Not my normal style, but I do love the whimsy. :smile: