Desperately need your honest attached

  1. Hi fellow Coach lovers,

    I really need your honest opinions on my latest acquisition. As a backgrounder, I recently purchased a choco siggy Legacy but returned it as it was too heavy and thick around my arms. I waited two weeks to receive this one--the Vintage Ergo Tote--as it was an exchange. The website does not have it anymore and the bag had to be shipped from another store in CA (I'm in Midwest).

    So it arrived today and here are the pictures. Before I finally decide on whether to keep it, I just need some honest opinions. Does it look disproportionately large on me? Sideways, it is really thin but the front view is a little bit wider being a tote. It is really beautiful, the leather so soft and supple as you can see from the pictures. The handles are gorgeous. Even the inside is goodlooking and allows for organization with all the pockets. So what do you think?

    By the way, I'm 4'11", stay at home mom, casual lifestyle.

    1.JPG 2.JPG 3.JPG 4.JPG 5.JPG
  2. I think it looks really good on you. It's a very nice bag.
  3. ^^I agree, it looks great on you.
  4. It's a lovely bag, and looks great on you!

  5. Keep it. I have a belted Ergo Hobo and I LOVE it. When you go out with the kiddies it will be good to have the extra room in your purse for emergencies. It's really pretty besides.
  6. That is a beautiful bag! I think it looks great on you - the ergos are a larger bag, but I really don't think it looks too big on you at all. The handles are amazing. All in all, I think the bag looks fabulous on you! Congratulations on a truly impressive find!
  7. Thanks ladies! I've been so used to cramming my stuff in smaller bags so I'm not used to seeing this size on me. But I agree, it still has lots of room for more stuff, even a magazine!
  8. I love it! Your pics make me want to get one for myself! Keep it!
  9. You want my HONEST opinion? :confused1:
    It looks GREAT on you!!!! :tup: That bag looks great... and I love how it is thin and not too bulky... it looks hot girl!!!! :yes:
  10. That is a really nice bag and I think it looks great on you. To me, it doesn't look to large at all. Enjoy you new purchase!
  11. First, the leather is so gorgeous it's almost a crime.

    AND it looks great on you.

    AND I love the lining.

    I'd keep her. :tup:
  12. I agree! This bag is great! I hope that you love it!!!
  13. honestly...

    I LOVE IT!!!
  14. I love the ergo on you! I love the way it's slim, but still big enough!
    I may have to get this bag now!:roflmfao:
  15. I think it looks great on you! It's a beautiful bag and the lining is gorgeous!

    OT: Ruski911, love that lilac satchel on it's way to you, pictured in your siggie! I watched one on eBay recently! Nice bag!