Desperately Need to Buy Something TODAY!

  1. Well the boyfriend is offering up the Macy*s card. :yahoo:

    So I MUST buy something!! And why not go LV??

    So suggestions anyone...I have no idea what I want ( bc I want it all)!!

    I need to come up with something quick before he changes his mind! lol :idea:
  2. what's your budget?
  3. and what do you have?
  4. What fun, let us know what you decide!!
  5. im sure the budget would be not too much more then 1500. but im sure I could stretch it...and nothing that isnt worth replacing at this point. (my sisters has them all ruined at my moms house... long story..:cursing: )
  6. im also a little worried about calling macys...after reading some of these postings about rude SA's im a bit nervous about calling :s

    any suggestions on the macys to order from?
  7. Denim Neo Speedy?
  8. how about the Damier Duomo? it's a great bag, very classy and elegant, and low-maintenance

  9. The DUOMO!!!! :love: Gorgeous bag! I completely forgot about that one!
  10. I would go for something in the denim or MC line. nice boyfriend
  11. ITA. Duomo is a new classic
  12. l`aimable in suhali???
    epi leather speedy??
    u have a great budget
  13. For that budget I would go with the Manhattan PM - My next purchase!
  14. MAybe something in epi-they have a new color-ivorie and Ilove the speedy and alma
  15. You have a very generous boyfriend. The real question is, what do YOU want? Just buy what you love!