Desperately need the opinions of tpfs..

  1. I just got the call, my LOVe 2 in beige has arrived. I may pick it up tomorrow, ,but I dont really know if I need it or want it.

    Problem is, I'm on the waitlist for the bequia grand hobo. I THINK these bags are similar in size and I'd rather have the hobo. It's not really about money, but about me not wanting any more bags in that size. ALso I don't LOVE the Love 2 tote as much as I really should, but I think I may do it when I see it tomorrow.

    Is it worth it just because it's so limited and because it's so cheap even though I have no clue if I REALLY want it atm. (there was obiously some reason why I got on the waitlist though).

    Also I*m travelling abroad in some weeks, during which I can get taxes back on purchases, so I feel like if I buy now I'd waste money...

    It's all jsut too complicated, I would rather have the call later. haha.

    ANy thoughts?? :sad:
  2. Wait till you get to see it in person. You will know then and there. Those totes are not my thing but, hey, we all have different tastes.
  3. I would not buy something if I wasn't in love with it. If you just aren't feeling it and are just kinda pressured to when you're there in the store, then you shouldn't get it. If you are just getting the tote cuz it's limited and you collect bags, then that's another thing. I'm someone who only gets something if I'm going to use it. You sound pretty conflicted, which to me would indicate that you really don't want it badly enough to justify buying it.

    Sure, you waitlisted for it, and maybe you did want it more at some point, but if your feelings have changed that's okay too. I originally waitlisted for a few things and then said take me off the list because I changed my mind. If you are still uncertain I would say wait till you travel when you can save some money. Or, buy it, and if you don't like it you can return it.

    Don't know if that helps??
  4. I wouldn't buy it just because it's that limited. And I don't think they are really *that* limited....lots of people don't really know about them....or aren't fans of it. I think they'll be around in a month or so!

    I've probably go for the hobo!
  5. ^^I agree!
  6. You are having doubts!! and you need to absolutely LOVE what you pass it up for something you can't live without !!
  7. If I were you I'll put the money on the bag I love, just like twiggers said, I also agree the LOVE 2 is not that popular and it may still float around some time.
  8. You have to totally LVOE it to buy it. If it's anything less than love, then it would be a shame to make the purchase... However, I would go and take a look at it first and then make up your mind. Good luck!
  9. I was having the same doubts as you awhile back, if you remember...I wasn't sure if I absolutely loved the tote, and wanted to take my name off the list and waitlist for the Beverly immediately. Personally I think you should go in and take a look and see the tote IRL first. If after playing around with it you really have no reason other than the fact that it's limited to buy it, then I say don't buy it. If you like the tote and think it'll grow onto you then give it a chance. I wouldn't buy something just because it's limited. ;) I had to see one of the love totes IRL before I finally decided I really do love these totes!
  10. Thanks everyone for your advice. It helps so much!:biggrin:

    I have actually seen it IRL, it was in when I waitlisted. I DID like it back then, which is why I waitlisted. (Maybe the reason was because I had so low expectations for it, I waitlisted because of the surprise. =P)

    You helped me realize that I think I*m wanting it for the wrong reasons, but I'll sleep on it and see tomorrow and keep you posted after I make my choice. =)
  11. I would wait, esp that becquia hobo is TDF bag and perhaps even more limited...
  12. give it a miss. i'd rather focus on the Bequia Hobo :tup:
  13. I agree with mr duck, I would go for the hobo too...
  14. Buy it ONLY if you you LOVE it :yes: