Desperately Need The Louis Vuitton Manosque Gm

  1. My Niece Is Entering Medical School This Fall And I Desperately Searching For The Manosque Pm For Her Books!!

    Please Help
  2. go to the boutique hehe or to e-luxury
  3. you can check eBay, but have them authenticated first.
  4. I love that bag I think it's still available so just contact your store
  5. I'm not really familiar with eBay's authentication process. How does that work??
  6. Unfortunately, the local stores have sold out of the bag and are saying 14 days, by then my niece will have found something more expensive :lol:
  7. Do you have a picture of this bag? I'm desperately trying to find out what bag to get for all my books when school starts, but I can't seem to find anything on eBay and louisvuitton?
  8. I'm not sure it's been d/cd, you could call the 1-866 number.....good luck.