Desperately need NYC restaurant recs for this week!

  1. Hey girls! I'm heading up to NYC this week to interview for a grad program I am DYING to be accepted to:sweatdrop:, and I need to make some restaurant reservations ASAP. I'll be there with my mom, who doesn't like sushi or anything too too trendy:rolleyes:. Looking for something in the $$ to $$$ range, since a few other nights we're going to some uber-fancy places with friends. We're staying on the UES, so anyplace there, Midtown, Greenwich/East Village, Grammercy, Chelsea, etc.. is great! I don't really want to go all the way down to the Financial District or to the UWS.

    I will forever be indebted! Thanks!!:love:
  2. Check out to see which restaurants offer reservations on your dates...cross reference w/reviews on Yelp or Chowhound....and you can be on your way. :smile: Good luck on your interview!
  3. i ate at a really cute, tiny Italian place called Via Emilia. I think it was on Park, right north of Union Square. it was about 3 years ago, but the place was absolutely delicious.
  4. Sol's in BH. yum.
  5. I'd recommend Pellegrino's (on Mulberry St) for excellent Italian food. I just went there recently and it was out of this world.
  6. If you stay on the UES...which is my are our favorites: Payard on Lexington/73rd. Great food, atmosphere and amazing pasteries. Pricey, yes but oh so worth it. Italian: Agata and Valentina on 79th/1st Ave., and Centrolire on Madsion/86th. ST. More Casual/Lunch: Le Pain Quotiecienne on Madison and on 77th. between 2nd/3rd. Also, Cafe D'Alsace on 88th. and 2nd. Ave. If you can be more specific to neighborhood and food preference and price range I can be more helpful.
  7. Sassy, NYC is so full of wonderful restaurants that you almost can't go wrong, even on a budget. If you're here on the weekend, you might check out JoJo, Jean Georges' little bistro that's quiet and quaint and serves a prix fixe brunch -- a steal!

    For more dining savings, I'd suggest picking up a GC coupon at

    Good luck on the grad program interview and let us know how it goes!
  8. La Mela in Little Italy:

    It's got the most delicious Italian food!

    "Our Family-Style menu is very simple: The best-tasting, highest quality italian food you can get, served in large portions. No menus - just great food! Available every day of the week!Delicious wine and beer is available to accompany your meal."
    (from the website)

    Depending on what you get, it's either $34 or $58 per person.
  9. Carnegie Deli!!! 1000% percent worth the wait. I also highly recommend (for a on the go less expensive quick bite) Au Bon Pain. They have a great variety of salads sandwiches and soup. Also b/c restraunts and coffee shop have higher rent than they do in Atl. the same thing at a chain will cost more so chain are not worth it.