Desperately need Le Magenta GSH

  1. Anyone has seen it? Thank you.:confused1:
  2. Did you call Bal NY to see if they still have any? There were quite a few cancellations of various bags, so I'm not sure if they still have some left.
  3. i did call all Balny NY, the Sas said they did not carry any magenta. Do you have any recommend SA? thanks.
  4. Try Daphne, she is usually great to me!
  5. Thanks Kimberf and pinkchristie22. I just placed an order with Daphne. My Magenta is on her way to momy.. so excited!!! Thanks Again..
  6. Congrats smalinee. Should be a beauty! Make sure to post...
  7. Oh, I'm so glad it worked out for you. I thought they probably had a couple still. Hope it's great when it arrives! I have yet to carry mine -- have gotten too lazy to switch bags in the last week or two...