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  1. So I noticed a few flecks of nail polish that had somehow gotten onto the gold heel of one of my NP's. I tried picking at it lightly, but that didn't work, so in a fit of stupidity and insanity I started dabbing at it with nail polish remover (!!), not realizing that the gold would come off so easily, or indeed that it had been painted on, and now I'm left with a gaping patch of the original silver where the gold used to be!!!! :wtf: And to add insult the flecks of nail polish are still there (except where the gold paint/color dissolved).

    WHAT DO I DO?!?!? :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:
    I'm so upset--I haven't even worn these shoes yet, and I love them so much!! Can this be fixed?!? I ordered them from Saks in NYC but I'm far far away atm in Hong Kong, and I'll be returning to London next week--do I take the shoe to a local CL boutique and beg for help? Or will I get laughed at because I didn't purchase the shoes there? Please, any suggestions! TIA!
  2. Oh my god. I am so sorry! I dont have any advice other than to take it to a CL boutique.
    I empathize with you.
  3. ^Thanks :sad::sad:. I'm just worried that they'll just say, we can't help you because technically they weren't from our boutique. AGHH!! Or that they might just suggest something dangerously DIY..and I was contemplating finding a spray paint of some sort that matches the gold (harder than it sounds!) and repairing it myself. a very bad idea no?
  4. Eek! That sounds terrible... :sad: But maybe it's not too bad and not very noticeable. Can you post pics?
  5. xnplo it's extremely noticeable :crybaby::crybaby: I'm sorry, I'll try to post pics later tonight, I left my USB cable back home in England so I have to search around for something that I can put my camera memory stick in?..But to describe the patch to's sort of rectangular-ish, about an inch in length..maybe just under..:sad: Like a sort of big silver blemish amongst the gold..
  6. Oh no... that hurts. :s
  7. I don't think you should try to match it yourself. I would start out with a CL boutique (doubt they would laugh at you - maybe charge you a small service fee since you didn't buy there). Next step would be a reptuable cobbler. I have scuffed the pointy toes of many shoes and boots and they are often able to "match" a color to cover the scuffed leather.

    Good luck!!!
  8. I would take it to a boutique and pretend that's how you got them and see what they say. Just play dumb since you can't take them back.
  9. Thanks girls, I really appreciate it :smile:
    I'll definitely try a CL boutique first then, although the soonest I can get to one is probably Friday :swill have a sleepless night or two! But I'll update, and with pics this time! Keeping my fingers crossed too!!
  10. ^^haha japskivt!

    It would be great if I could just pull that off, but the nail polish that is still there gives it away that I had something to do with it..
  11. you could try taking it to a cobbler and see what they could do. I ordered a pair of white architek and when I asked the SA at the CL Madison what I could do if they get dirty he said for me to take it to a shoe repair and they could repaint it :wtf:. I didn't even know that was possible but maybe a cobbler could repaint that part for you.
  12. That spec of nail polish might have actually been a chip in the gold paint. No matter how much you try to take it off, it won't come off!
  13. I would take it in to a boutique or store and tell them what happened. You never know they may just help.

    Last May I ordered my NP Roccia Pythons, and the SA sent them w/o signature delivery, so the box was thrown over my fence and my dog attacked one of the shoes. I took them in and they exchanged them for me.

    You never know.

  14. :wtf:
  15. Can I just say, thank you fmd, Rocky, RRSC, purly - I feel so much calmer now! I'm definitely looking around for a decent cobbler, I'll ask the CL boutique for recommendations as well. Am planning to pay them a visit early tomorrow morning. Anyway, I have the pics uploaded on the computer, but does anyone know how to resize? They're too big to attach..:sad:

    btw, Rocky- I would kill my dog (not literally)!!!!!!!!