Desperately need help on a vachetta/leather question rop

  1. I brought my mother a LV speedy for her birthday and she told me recently she noticed the handles had a bit of a dirty mark on them so had she wiped them over with a clean damp cloth. She thought that was ok. As we all know you're not supposed to do that. But I don't think she knew that. Has she damaged the leather on the bag permanently???
  2. Most likely not. It can handle quite a bit of wetness. The worst thing to happen is that the leather will patina faster. Don't worry. However, next time she should use alcohol-free sensitive baby wipes and only wipe gently.
  3. will the bag end up with water stains??
  4. My SA said the handles can be cleaned - brought back to like new- but it costs a lot (I don't know how much) and it takes about 8 weeks to get the bag back. Maybe you should bring it into the store and have them look it over.
  5. She didn't damage it....but doing that excessively can cause the leather to dry.

    Check out some of the cleaning FAQS in that section here in LV. There are some great tips for using baby wipes, etc.
  6. Definitely check the cleaning FAQs, like twiggers mentioned. I wouldn't worry too much about her wiping the handles. If she just did it once, then the water will dry and the handles will be fine. Just be sure to mention to her that the vachetta is best left alone.