desperately need help...legacy sig shoulder flap or bleeker lg flap?

  1. okay ladies, you're the experts, here goes. In additon to ordering my Leigh Sig Pocket Flap in Khaki/Blk, I want another leather in the light natural for spring (I'm not so into the pastels even though pink is my fave color). (Depending on which bag I get, it would be either the Leigh/camel or the bleeker/buck skin). :s

    I wish both bags had some features that they are missing in my opinion (this goes straight to the thread about building the ideal bag). My concern with the shoulder flap is that it is too big, and too difficult to get in and out of. Does anyone own either/both of these bags that could offer some guidance?

    Keep in mind that either bag would prolly suit me just fine and they both have features I love (hello, tattersall lining or legacy stripe!):heart:

    I don't have anything in the Bleeker line yet. Is the Bleeker easy to fit everything? Does the buck skin look more like camel or lighter?

    HELP!!!! Usually I do not have this much trouble buying bags, but I do not live close to a store or outlet and our department stores don't carry many Coach items, so my options are limited to the website. :shrugs:

    p.s. I almost went with the Ergo tote (how cute) but hate that it doesn't zip across the top (but hey let's be honest, I'll prolly buy it anyways it's that cute!)

    Thanks in advance ladies, I know you'll help me out!
  2. Of the two, I would go with the Bleecker large flap in buckskin. The longer strap makes it very easy to get in and out of, and it holds a good amount. The buckskin is a very pretty, springy color IRL - lighter than the camel, IMO.
  3. I second pixie's opinion (of course we have the same bag :lol:). I love love love my Bleeker :love:
  4. I agree. I love the bleecker!
  5. Another vote for the Bleeker!
  6. I also love me bleeker. It is really easy to get in and out of because of the strap length. It also holds more than I thought which is a plus... great bag and I love the buckskin color for spring/ summer!:tup:
  7. Since you already have a Leigh, I would suggest a Legacy shoulder bag in camel. I prefer these bags to the Bleeckers - just my opinion, though! Get whichever one will work for you.
  8. thanks ladies, all very helpful comments. I was leaning towards the bleeker anyways, this just confirmed my first thoughts.
  9. thanks for the advice donnalynn. unfortunately I already have a Legacy Shoulder Bag in the Choc Sig (hello, could it be any prettier?) I kind of like to get different styles of bags so that I really have a nice variety in my collection. Thanks though for weighing in!
  10. Yay great choice - and she will look gorgeous with that scarf - I tell ya that pic with the buckskin Bleecker... :drool: Especially since you already have a Legacy shoulder - time to venture into tattersall! So pretty for spring!

    Are you going to place an order soon perhaps? :graucho:
  11. prolly this week, I have been good to not buy any new bags since October, then I do this where I buy 2 or 3 at one time. Yes, it's about time, I am ready for spring (even if spring is not ready to arrive yet) and this will put me in the perfect mood! again, since I have no store or outlet to go to, I am stuck with the website or calling a store in NC that my friend goes to and at which I have made friends with a couple of the SA's so occoasionally if I can't find something they help me out.

    p.s. New here but already love the forum ladies! Everyone seems so nice and it's nice to have others who share the same passion I do (and, on the same note, don't think my obsession is crazy!) Thanks for welcoming me and being so helpful!:love:
  12. The Bleeker Large Flap No. 11419 in Bucksin is a lovely color.
    It reminds me of a Cappuccino. Get the Bleeker, you will not regret it.

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  13. Bleeker large flap, Definitely!