Desperately need help/advice with UPS

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  1. I bought a Balenciaga City bag in mid-July and paid the seller through PayPal. The bag was lost in transit by UPS and I have been working with the seller to be reimbursed. UPS took more than a month (the tracer was placed on 7/23, UPS came by my apt. on 7/26 to confirm lost package, and 8/5 UPS contacted the sender to start the claims process) to process everything and send a reimbursement check.

    I finally received the claims check yesterday, but it was significantly less than what I had paid for the lost bag! It was $800 short! :crybaby:

    I have emailed the seller again with an update on the situation. She mailed the bag through a UPS Store, so there are 4 parties involved (seller, me, UPS Store, and UPS).

    I decided to file a dispute through PayPal, but the transaction was past the 45 days stated by PayPal policy. PayPal closed my claim citing "Case does not meet filing guidelines."

    I don't know what else to do. Does anyone have any suggestions? I don't want to resort to a chargeback on my credit card because the seller seems to be a good eBay seller and a fellow tPFer. But I don't know what else to do to recover the $925 I forked out. :sad:

    Any advice is much appreciated!
  2. was the package insured for the full amount?
  3. I'm not sure. The seller never told me. But I paid $925 for the bag shipped and then another $18.50 for PayPal processing.

    I'm on the phone with PayPal to see if they can make an exception for me to file the dispute since the transaction was only a few days over the 45-day window. But from what the rep said, I don't think I can.
  4. I would think you will have to check with the seller and/or UPS to see what the package was insured for and if it was insured for the full amount then UPS would need to explain why they only sent a partial refund...hth...
  5. JMO, but I'd give the seller 24 hours to credit your PayPal account the balance you are owed and if she doesn't then I'd call my CC company to see about a chargeback.

    You have been MORE than patient, too patient unfortunately in that you missed the 45 day deadline with PayPal to file a claim. :sad: I wouldn't put off any longer contacting your CC to recoup the rest of what is owed to you. You paid for the bag and you paid for insurance as well? If the seller chose not to insure the bag for the full amount, that is so NOT your problem!

    If it were me, I'd be on the phone with my CC company. I feel bad for the seller if she takes a loss on the bag because she underinsured it, but why should you take the loss for her error in judgement. :confused1:
  6. Ugh, how frustrating! I hope PayPal will make an exception for you.

    In the future, it's always better to file the claim right away and start the process. You can close it at any time if you resolve the situation. In your case, neither the seller nor buyer is at fault, so it is up to UPS to make good. Did UPS say why they reimbursed you with such a small percentage of the package's value?
  7. It's the sellers responsibility to make sure the package gets there - even if they say it's not. With packages over $50 I choose to insure, and build it into my postage, because if it doesn't get to the buyer - I have to reimburse them somehow. And I would rather the Post Office or UPS reimburse me.

    So, seller got your money, under-insured your package and shipped via UPS
    UPS got package & lost it.
    You didn't get a purse and lost your $

    Charge back your credit card since the seller hasn't immediately offered to make good.

    The seller should be getting the insurance $ back from UPS. They shouldn't be making you wait for it.

    Get YOUR money back, don't wait any longer. YOU DIDN'T GET ANYTHING!

    It's not about being nice, it's about a simple transaction. You paid for a bag, you paid for insurance, you didn't get either. Get your money back.
  8. It sounds like the package was not insured for the full amount. For UPS, $100 insurance is included, but the seller then needs to purchase the additional insurance. Filing a chargeback is probably your only option to recover your money at this point. It is an unfortunate situation, but this is why sellers should always purchase insurance even when a buyer does not request or choose to purchase it. Insurance is really to protect the seller.
  9. I agree, the insurance is for the seller - when the bag was lost, the seller should have refunded you the full amount and then followed up with UPS to get the insurance reimbursement to her.
  10. It definitely sounds like the package was not insured for the full amount. I would find out from the seller if this was the case, but had you been able to to file the PP claim, I can tell you that PP would have refunded 100% of your money unless the seller could prove the package was delivered. The buyer will always win these claims. I recently had a buyer who won one of these claims and now I am going through the process to get the insurance money. I realize you were a little too late filing the PP claim, but given the fact that you would have won it I would file the charge back with your credit card. That's a lot of money to be out, and a long time to wait. I know it sounds crappy, but let the seller deal with getting the insurance money back (if there is any). It's not your problem.

  11. What do you mean by $18.50 for PayPal processing?
  12. Thanks, everyone, for your feedback.

    So an update on the situation: I spoke to a manager at PayPal and they will not let me file the claim because the transaction was past the 45-day window. He also advised me to do a charge back. I haven't heard from the seller yet and I'm waiting until the end of day before making a call to my cc company.

    justonemore: I paid $18.50 for the PayPal processing fee because it was a cc transaction and sellers ask buyers to add 2-3% to the total. The $925 was for the bag shipped.
  13. justonemore: I paid $18.50 for the PayPal processing fee because it was a cc transaction and sellers ask buyers to add 2-3% to the total. The $925 was for the bag shipped.

    Some sellers expect you to pay their costs of doing business. Others pay their own costs themselves and build it into their minimum price.
  14. Per eBay, it is illegal to ask buyer paying extra to cover seller's PayPal fee. However, since it past 45-day claim period, definitely file a dispute chargeback via your credit card company. It was seller's fault not to insure the package, even the buyer chose not to. I'd suggest you call your cc immediately and tell them you paid for an item but never received it. If the seller cannot provide the proof of signature of receiving, you should get your money back.
  15. ^Yes, it is illegal to charge a fee to use paypal on eBay. I believe this is not an ebay transaction though. Even so, I think it is against paypal rules to have a surcharge to use paypal and the seller would not have been covered by the seller protection policy.