Desperately need EVERYONE's HELP here!!!!


Which one to choose??

  1. an Ivoire Soufflot

  2. a vernis Bedford in perle

  3. anything else that you can think of

  4. a big big BAN....

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  1. I'm kinda debating between an ivoire Soufflot and a vernis bedford in perle. And by that you can probably tell that I'm looking for a SUMMER bag, which by the way I have already got a Damier Azur Saleya MM just last FRIDAY...:nuts: but I just can't seem to get that out of my mind and this had affected my work during the daytime and my precious sleep time during the night... call me paranoid :sos:

    so here are some of the concerns I have when comes to my decision making...

    -For those of you who have both, which one is more comfortable to carry on the shoulder? and versatile?

    -While both seem to be high maintenance, which one perhaps needs less care? Is the ivoire going to turn to a yellowish-white over the years? And how about when the vachetta on the bedford start to patina, how bad is that gonna be?

    I'm going to drop by at my local store this friday to pick up the LOVE bandeau and the mini azur pochette accessoires.. so probably will try both to see, but it's always good to have some preliminary screening processes going on here first...Or maybe I should just put myself on a ban given my recent spending patterns...:shrugs:

    Long post...sorry... will update everyone once I go to the store...:heart:
  2. ivoire soufflot!
  3. Thanks a lot!! Honestly I'm kinda leaning toward the Soufflot...I love the silver hardware esp w/ the ivoire...:heart:
  4. Ivorie Soufflout for sure. The Perle Vernis is nice but it's susceptible to color transfer.
  5. I voted bedford in perle, such a pretty sparkly classy color. Sorry I'm not a fan of the soufflot shape. I only like epi in passy, alma, speedy, jasmin and pochette styles. GL! Have fun shopping!
  6. btw what meanie is going to tell you to go on a big big ban, even a little one, lol.
  7. Ivoire soufflot, I love that bag & the passy! Gorgeous color & much easer to care for than vernis with vachetta.
  8. Want both ivory soufflot and Perle Bedford, but if you don't have a Bedford yet, my vote is Perle Bedford, such a purely classic and useful tote; soufflot is very cute, but Bedford is soooo comfortable, perle is to die for, of course!
  9. I voted for the Ivorie Soufflout as well, but that Saleya MM sounds like a great summer bag!! Wow you are going to have 2 beauties for the summer now!
  10. The patina on the Perle Bedford will be to die for, the contrast will be totally gorgeous the older that it gets... I want one too! really bad.
  11. I fiance had already given up on me...but I know for sure this day will come...:yes:
  12. Let's not say that so really try to talk me into one of for the vote
  13. Really?? I love your indigo one as well..I have no self-control when comes to blueish stuff...
  14. I voted for the epi soufflat. The bag is beautiful!!
  15. oh, the color transfer......thx for the vote!!