Desperately need Closet/Drawer Organization Tips

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  1. Hey Ladies, I have a problem. I need to get my closet and drawers organized. I live in a 1 bedroom condo, and have fill my closet/ drawers and all available space under my bed with clothes. Problem is, I feel like everything is a mess and I am trying to take control. Anyone have any good organization tips or any closet makeover pictures. I would love to see how you ladies keep all your clothes organized (especially if you have small storage space like me). Thanks in Advance.
  2. Without seeing your closet, or your clothes, or your lifestyle, any advice will be extremely generic.

    First, you must weed through everything and toss what you don't like, don't wear, doesn't fit. If it needs mending, cleaning, or repair, see to it.

    Second, take stock of your clothes, as they will dictate the closet interior. Wool lined suits must be hung. Knits should be folded. If you don't have enough space of either, consider moving the closet rod to the ceiling and adding more rods below. Or, if you need folding space, look at cupboards with fully extending pull out shelves. Drawers are not the best (IMHO) as you can't see everything easily.

    Third, take everything out of your closet and give it a good cleaning, especially the walls and corners. Paint the interior a nice bright white, and make sure you have excellent lighting.

    Fourth, matching hangers are essential. Naturally, no wire hangers, ever!
  3. Visit Ikea they have all sorts of ideas for organizing small spaces :yes:
  4. :goodpost:

    The main point is getting rid of stuff you don't wear/need anymore, which helps alot. The rule of thumb is that if you haven't worn it in a year, toss it (unless its a specialty item). Also get all your shoes and bags together, if you have multiple items of the same color ie. black pumps get rid of some. There are lots of places you can donate your items, but remember to get a receipt so you can claim a tax deduction.
  5. i also organize by color so i dont have to wander around the closet looking for a certain color tshirt. i also organize by style- t shirts go together (then within that group, the 'work' shirts are first, then 'going out shirts', then 'going to the gym' shirts, you get the idea.
  6. That's how I organize too, candy pants! I have small storage spaces like the OP. I also purchased a long leather storage bench to put at the end of my bed, and this has given me a ton more space for clothes and accessories! Also, if you have extra space in the bottom or top of your closet, that would be a great place for shelving/plastic drawers to put more clothes. I have stacking shelves in the top of my closet, and then plastic drawers that I purchased at Target for the bottom for more storage space as well. HTH!
  7. Oh I just reorganized my closets. First thing I did was get rid of stuff I no longer used. Then I went to Target and purchased some of the closet maid organizers. Right now they're on sale for $22. I spent about $100 and totally reorganized two closets.
  8. thanks guys!!!!
  9. I was wondering the same thing too. I think I might take a couple of pictures and post them, maybe a before and after. I think the secret is making sure similar types of items are together. Dont store shoes or blankets in three different places, etc. And I like getting those hard sided fabric zip boxes from Ikea and storing my off season stuff in my its not too innaccessible.

    My biggest problem is handbag storage because they are all different sizes and they can get crushed or sag. I have to have uniform hangers too. I like manganos, except for the fact that they are too light and sometimes fall off the rod. My husband insists on using those stupid wood hangers. Theyre so thick I cant deal with it.

    Im considering painting my closet today. Actually doing it though is a different story.
  10. ^^The wooden hangers are really only necessary for heavier items or pieces that need to retain a shape like a blazer.
  11. I agree, especially for the coat closet or heavy suits. Im really short on space, so I avoid using them for anything else.
  12. I got one of these since only having one rod to hang things on is such a waste of space and since I rent, I'm not going to start drilling holes in the walls to put up a system.

    It was actually very easy to install and gave me a lot more room- it just hooks on your existing rod or wire shelf. Works great for a standard closet. I think mine was only $70 though (I don't remember it being 99.99- i got it at linens and things)

    Space Bags are also GREAT for bulky stuff. I love them!

    Thinner hangers- I don't have these but I want some!

    Has anyone else used them? Do they make a difference?

    For some of your smaller, lighter bags, these work well too and you can hang them by their dusters. No drilling or anything, they hook on to your door at the top and bottom.

    And... this works great for jewelry They hold a ton & you can see everything! (Lillian Vernon has nice ones too)

    I hope that helps!! Good luck! You'll need to do a before and after for us!
  13. my closet situation is SUCH a nightmare :cry:

    ever since i moved back in with my parents, i've acquired SO much more clothing, shoes and bags (go figure) and i only have ONE little tiny closet in one bedroom to put everything. my closet literally cannot be opened, every tiny corner is crammed, i'd be lucky if i ever saw the clothes at the very back and bottom ever again, let alone ever get around to wearing them.

    my underbed situation is just as crammed, i have cloth zip bags and big plastic crates all around. and NOTHING is organized by type, fabric, color, nothing. completely arbitrary.

    WHAT do i do?!!? :crybaby: i have this stuff literally stored, but what's the point if trying to get something out would require a tornado to come through my bed room?

    i need a serious organizational expert. i thought ppl coming into this tips thread might be genius enough to help me.
  14. First of all, you need to get rid from ruined, ill-fitted, too-tight and from-previous-fashion clothes. It's horrible, how many people keep clothes from last fashion cycle, in hope that fashion is come back and they'll have trendy clothes. Fashion is never come back completely, it will be differnet cut, different color, different shape, and old fashioned clothes still be old-fashioned. Also, a lot of people can't throw away expensive clothes even if this clothes is very last decade or doesn't fit them anymore. That's the most space-eating mistakes people do.

    Second, get a lot storage bags, storage boxes etc from stores like IKEA, BB&B, Container store. Put all off-season clothes on hangers and in storage bag, by colors - red with red, black with black. Even better if you put together top and bottom of the same color. If your storage bags aren't transparent, mark it with markers. Put all off-season clothes in the deepest corner of your closet.

    So, your algoritm of sort things out is: by season - by occasions - by color.

    Put scarves, belts, oblongs in big zip lock bags. I keep my lingerie and hosiery in those bags too. Actually, when I buy something like duvet cover, or pillow case in stoes, it come in clear and sturdy bag woth hook and zip. I just put scarves and everything inside and hook it on hanger, then my small accessories are together with my clothes, so I don't need to look for it.

    I keep all my shoes in transparent plastic boxes, I see them through, I don't spend my time in opening boxes. I keep my clean clothes for gym in bags - when I need the other bag, I take the clothes out, I use it and clean it, and whet I change bag, I change clothes. So my special clothes doesn't mess with regular clothes, and my bags are stuffed to avoid wrikles on leather.
  15. Wonderful ideas ladies...
    I agree that the same hangers would help and I am very bad w/ this but am not sure what to purchase. The link to the Bed Bath & Beyond hangers shows the ones I believe are also sold by HSN.

    I saw mixed reviews all over the internet about...I'd really be glad to hear some advice on using these and how well they hold up.