Desperately need an Coupon!

  1. Does anyone have an coupon? I desperately need one and I know that they sometimes have a bunch of $ or % off codes.


    p.s. I love this forum!
  2. Why don't you try They may have some discounts available. You do have to sign up, click on the ebates link to go to overstock, make sure you see a tracking number before it takes you to and then you will get at least 3% cash back from your purchase, plus free shipping, or money off.
    I like overstock, too!
  3. I thought I had seen coupon codes in the Entertainment Book. Does anyone have the 2007 version?
  4. i would be careful on overstock i have read here on TPF that there are people who have had fake handbag problems with overstock,,, ;( ill try and find the thread

    i would stay away just liike bluefly if enough ppl have had problems i am not going near it!
  5. ok here are 2 the first one you can follow this poor womans experience from beginning to end-from spotting a great deal on a fendi spy, to posting it on authenticate this fendi here on TPF to finding out it was a FAKE )(FROM OVERSTOCK)
    and there are many other stories of fake items such as chloes burberry umbrellas everything so be careful!
  6. Thanks guys! You're the best!