Desperately need advice! Botkier Bianca in Cherry, large or medium? Both are tdf!

  1. The medium measures 13.5x8x5.5
    The large measures 17x10x6.5

    Ive seen both of these IRL and both are gorgeous and equally tdf! And both of them are phenomenal deals. I want to buy one now but cant make up my mind

    Sorry about the pics..I couldnt find pics for the cherry but the cherry is the one I will be buying. The pics show the chocolate
  2. I really like them both, but I'd probably go with the smaller bag. I like the proportions better. It's a great size, unless you need to carry a lot of stuff. Then I'd go with the larger bag.
  3. Gorgeous bag...I would go with the bigger one just because it would fit more stuff...or not.
  4. I'd go with the medium. Unless the large fits better over shoulder. But if you don't care about carrying that way and are OK with hand-held, I'd get medium. I've seen bags IRL and think the large is too big for my taste. And people on this forum have said the medium is holds plenty.
  5. I like the medium. I think it's plenty big enough, and to me, the big looks a little weird! Almost a touch too big.
  6. I had the medium chocolate for a couple of days before I returned it and I thought it was quite big, more than enough room for everything you probably carry daily. I have seen the large on some ladies and it just isn't my style. I don't like HUGE bags though unless it's a tote with purpose. lol Is there anyway you can go to a store to try it on first? Everybody is different so you may like the large more, whereas I definitely like the medium better. Like, I said, I thought the medium was even too big for me, and I'm not a size 2 or anything. lol I just feel like the large is way too overpowering. Good luck with your decision. Regardless, both will be gorgeous! :smile:
  7. Large! It's not THAT much bigger than the medium and I think it's just more bang for your buck. The medium looks too close to the small IMO.

    That's the exact bag I'm coveting right now: Botkier Large Cherry Bianca. :biggrin:
  8. I have a large (bone) and a medium (toffee). The medium holds my planner, wallet, cosmetics, water bottle. I like the large because I can also fit a few snacks and pair of shoes in it for going to work. The large functions as a work bag for me and the medium functions as an everyday bag when I'm not working. I also want a cherry and I'm going with the large.
  9. Oh, and both fit fine over the shoulder.
  10. Oh wow! So youre going to get a large in Cherry also?

  11. Of the two, which do you like better?
  12. I'm not sure if there is one I like more. The large functions better for me, but I actually think I like the look of the medium more. So I guess if I didn't have a bunch of stuff to take with me everywhere, I would get the medium, but I do have a bunch of stuff so I'm going with the large:yes:
  13. i've had to make the same decision and i went with the medium...the large is really huge IMHO and the medium fits a ton of stuff....
  14. Yes I like the proportions of the smaller bag. :tup: