Desperately looking for Violet grape parttime GSH

  1. Anyone know where to buy a grape violet partime with:confused1:
    I called BalNY, they only have the violet partime with
    gold....looks nice, silver I think is better.
    Can you guys help me?
    A daybag would be ok too.
  2. Any stores out there still have them ?
    Nothing at Aloha Rag....already checked....:cursing:
  3. I think Barney's NY has the day bag in violet w/GSH. You might want to call around to some of them.
  4. Which Barneys??
  5. Well...I guess I was wrong. I just did a search on this subforum, and found that it was actually NEIMAN's that has the GSH Day in Violet. Sightings mentioned recently were:

    Neiman's Denver


    Neiman's Houston

    One of those locations also had the GSH City in Violet. Let us know if you find any!!
  6. ;)Thanks....I already called....:p
  7. So does :p mean you were successful or unsuccessful? ;)
  8. ;)Nm has a day bag is GSH but is checking on a
    part time for me, they will call me tomorrow.

    I think I might what I`m looking for.
  9. Great Swissflower glad you were able to find the day, hopefully the p/t too!
  10. Anymore ideas where to find the partime??:crybaby:
  11. Swissflower: There is a Violet GST Part Time at Harvey Nichols Edinburgh. HOWEVER: the one that is one display has really dry leather:tdown:. But if they have one out on display, it's very possible that they have another in the stockroom, kwim?

    Worth giving them a call???
  12. Is the color uneven on the different parts of the bag? To me, that would be more of a deal-breaker than dry leather, since you can condition it.
  13. xxx
  14. ^ Read and understood, sorry again!

    To Swissflower, have you called Bal Paris? They are very helpful and do ship abroad! Good luck!