desperately looking for Violet City, please help!

  1. hi fellow Bbag lovers,

    do any of you ladies know where i can get a violet city ASAP? I am on notification list from AR, but i am done waiting....i so need this fabulous bag right now, so if any of you know a place where i can get it, please share your information, thanks in advance :p

  2. Do you want the regular hardware or the GSH? I was calling around trying to find a parttime the other day and there were several Neimans that had the city with GSH...I would call a Neiman Marcus that carries Balenciaga and have them search their system nationally and they can find it for you!
  3. thanks for replying cate22 & Laz0409, i will try my luck then :smile:
  4. There is a Violet City on e-bay with RH...:yes: Check it out!
  5. If you're interested in SGH, Barneys Seattle had one yesterday. Good luck!