Desperately looking for this Marc by Marc Jacobs clutch!!!!

  1. Ever since I saw it in last month's issue of Lucky I can't stop thinking about it! I have no idea where to get it... I looked at al the websites I know of that sell MbyMJ... no luck. :confused1::confused1: Has anyone seen it!?

  2. I don't think it's out yet... I was in a Marc by Marc boutique last week and there were some new bags with the new big turnlock but that clutch wasn't in yet... Maybe call a boutique to see when it is coming in?? HTH!
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  4. oops! I totally forgot about the MJ forum.. admin please feel free to close this thread... THANKS! :smile:
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  6. The Nordstrom at the Providence Place Mall had this bag when I was there on Monday.
  7. It is very interesting!!
  8. oo thats cute.