Desperately looking for this bag!!

  1. I find myself suddenly drooling over the tano jetsetter, which i believe has been discontinued. does anyone know where i can find one? i searched eBay already, but no luck :crybaby: help!!

  2. I scoured a ton of sites and couldn't find one.
    My best advice is to do a saved search on eBay.
    Maybe a used one will turn up soon! :yes:
  3. eeek.....i know! i scoured a bazillion sites too! i really love tano's tag you know of any other styles in the tag leather? maybe i'll have better luck with those despite how much i love the jetsetter/miss understood....
  4. their tag leather is to die for. i haven't even tried looking for it, i found 2 bags (same style as eachother) and they were REALLY in a hideous shape for my taste.

    i must admit if i found a jetsetter in tag leather, whatever the color... i'd grab it for mE lol....

    but i'm broke so jk, if i see one i'll let u know
  5. I think from what Alexandra told us - and also fellow TPFer White Flowers - that they stopped making bags with the tag leather and replaced it with another type...

    Maybe even trying local stores to see if there are any left! You never know! I think a search such as this one would require you going out and dig through and look through!
  6. ^^ im starting to think so too...

    and viciousbliss, i would prob grab the jetsetter if i see one too, regardless of color!!! lol..
  7. yeah i was soo excited when i saw this site too, but it's out of stock! so is miss understood!
  8. that's where i saw mine, right down the road at the shop they sell them at. not sure if they're there anymore! it was a while ago...
  9. seems like my only option may be to just attack all the stores in the area that sell tanos and hope for the best? eeeeeee.......:sweatdrop:
  10. :weird: .. does this look fishy to you or not... (note the member id and the name in the link...)
  11. I've bought from FashionFlairs before; completely legit and great service. Plus they always have coupon codes..just check their website under the tab.
  12. I, like Diamond, have bought from Fashionflairs before too- so have my daughters- and they have greatbags and great service.