Desperately looking for edith satchel in whiskey

  1. I have been looking all over the place for a whiskey Edith satchel, with no luck! Can you gals keep a lookout for it and let me know if you see one? I'll take either the medium satchel or the messenger style.

  2. Keep looking for the link on the NM's somewhere around here...that one keeps popping back up! Good luck!!
  3. Net-a-porter had a 'brown' one (not sure what color brown as it doesn't say) for $655. It's the Edith with strap. Good luck in your search.
  4. NAP reduced most of their bags again yesterday.

    It is strange, they were giving specific colours some time ago, I had one it said Moka and now it is just referred to as brown. Doesn't help in the confusion!!
  5. Which site, when I go on the site, the prices are the same as last week.....thanks!!
  6. Thanks--I'll keep a lookout!
  7. I just got one last night at the chloe store in south coast plaza for $675. They had another one left I think. The color on the tag says ecuriel, which I think is whiskey. It is the regular satchel without the strap.
  8. Congrats...isn't it gorgoues!!!
  9. I love it! I didn't get as good a deal as a lot of others recently (it was 765 not 675) but I couldn't get her out of my head! Just had to have her!
  10. I saw quite a few Ediths on the Neimans site today. You might check there.
    I was goingg to get a cute Marc Jacobs bag, but the shipping was 24.00.
    I'm so surprised! I guess I got so used to the free shipping. I told them Nordstrom only charges 8.95 and if you are a certain level they refund shipping on your bill.
    I guess the good times are over:sad: