Desperately looking for Black Metallic reissue...

  1. I was at the Stanford NM today, spoke with my favorite SA in regard with the Black Metallic reissue. She told me that it will be hard to locate one for me now (since I didn't put my dear name on the wait list in the beginning). Would anyone know where I would be able to get one, I am hoping for either a 226( is that the size that is a bit smaller than the classic jumbo flap?) All these pics of the blk metallic is killing me ...:drool: tia
  2. Call Shion at Chanel, Spring Street, Soho NYC.
    She just sent me a 227, I was not on her list at all, she might have other sizes, good luck.
  3. yup. i returned my black metallic 226 to her a week ago and she said she had a couple of the bags in stock...

    hi sam! how are you enjoying your new bag? :p
  4. try to email Bergdorf Goodman. i've exchanged emails with their SA, she told me late last week, there's an available 226 :smile:
  5. Hi jeshika, I just received the 227 today, it's lovely, can't wait to use it. But I won't be taking pics as I think there are too many metallic black floating around in the forum ;), I 'll post pics again when I have my next Chanel ...
    thank you again :p
  6. awww! i was hoping to see pics of it when it arrived! i'm sure its gorgeous though! so glad u managed to get the 227 size in the end :yahoo:
  7. The 227 size is similar to jumbo flap, only it is not as wide as jumbo flap.
  8. Thanks Nightshade... I promise I'll post modelling pics when I get the next Chanel....though I have not decided which one I'll get next :p

  9. Thanks ladies, I think I will give Bergdorf a try first (hopefully they have one and I can skip on the tax).:p
  10. i'm don't think you'll be able to get a metallic black 226 from nm. i think they only ordered the 227.
  11. any luck? :graucho:

  12. I haven't try yet. Since I will be seeing my favorite SA in NM this Wed., I will ask about the progress. If it is really something that she couldn't locate for me...then I will start my hunt in full speeeeeeeeeeed.:graucho:
  13. ^BG won't charge you tax if you're from Cali :graucho:
  14. I know Chanel in SF has one metallic black 226. Here is their Tel. no. 415-981-1550 Good luck!!
  15. Thanks for the info!:yes: