Desperately looking for Big-sized yet trendy everyday work bag!

  1. Hey ladies. I just literally ran into this forum today. I'm so psyched about meeting so many fellow purse-addicts!!! :smile:

    I'm desperately looking for a good-sized everyday work bag. Here's what I'm carrying everyday:

    - A paper
    - A book
    - Cosmetic pouch
    - iPod
    - blackberry
    - Umbrella
    - Sunglasses case
    - Cellphone
    - Wallet
    - Snack bag (A coke, and two apples)

    So, natually, I need a good-sized bag. I'm currently carrying a Chanel camera bag from two years ago, which barely fits all, but pretty much ruins the silluette of the bag.

    I love the size of LV Lucille GM, but as you know, it's open at the top. I work in New York City and take subway everyday, so need a bag that has a closure at the top.

    I'm only 5'-tall, so obviously, I can't carry anything too big.

    You ladies out there.. PLEASE PRETTY help this poor soul~~~!!!!

    I promise I'll post up a picture when I get one.. ;)
  2. What fabric are you looking for...leather, suede, canvas, silk, etc...? What type of handle...a handbag, shoulder bag, across the body bag...etc...? It sounds like you have a size in mind, now you need to settle on a style and color.
  3. Oh, yeah...I forgot that.

    I am looking for a shoulder bag with leather.. Also, I guess I'd rather have a dark colored (black, brown, chocolate) bag, but I'm open for suggestion. :smile:

    I'm pretty preppy style, but again, I'm open for anything!! Please try me, girls~~~~
  4. This might be overly big, but have you seen the new MJ Shopper. It's huge. Maybe that can help narrow down the size. Let me find the pic.
  5. I love Hayden Harnett for their not-so-big big bags. I also love Tano, but I love Hayden Harnett more. Here is a new one from them. It is available in black, indigo, olive, and a gorgeous plum. Really, all neutrals and preppy, but really breathtaking. This will get you through the subway. And it is kinda "Mark Jacobs"-ish but with its own flair.

  6. Ms.Passerby, that's a pretty cool-looking bag, but unfortunately, I'm not that cool looking... :smile: Too wild for me.. hehe...

    But thanks!!!
  7. OOOh~~~ I kinda like that!! To be honest, I'm not familiar with the designer, but you're right. It's sort of like MJ... I'll consider it.. Thanks!!!
  8. What do you all think of YSL Rive Gauche??


    This kinda looks like black, but it's actually Chocolate. Does anybody own this lovely one? I wonder if it's big enough but small enough for my frame...
  9. I love that YSL. Why don't you search the YSL subforum for pics of people wearing it. I am sure you will find something. Probably a dozen of great bags that you love...
  10. Also, there is this great bag by Loeffler Randall called Minnie, available in blue as well as chocolate, black, cream, tan. Item no. LH10C. I will see if I can find a picture for you.

  11. Here it is in brown. Thanks

  12. Kathleen.. I love the brown.. I guess I'm diggin for the brown or chocolate!!! Definitely big enough for all my junk!!! hehe..