Desperately looking for an x large front pocket paddington in mouse

  1. Please... please...
    If you guys find a large front pocket padding ( x large) with silver hardware in mouse color..... PM ME!!!
    I am desperate!!!

    I did let one go on eBay 2 weeks ago and the agony is too much...:sad:

    I know they no longer produce or make this.. but something might come up even preloved will be fine...
    and if you find another color in xlarge size like cream ... except for black , tan and choco...
    let me know. thanks:smile:
  2. How do you know which Front pocket is med or large.
    I have two, not the color you wanted, but tell me the dimensions so I can help you if I see one. OK?
  3. i think it is 16 inches wide, 10 inches tall, 7 inches from front to back.
    it looks exactly like a medium front pocket but has extra belts on the sides to tighten it and hold it?
    i think overstock had one in gray last week which bluefly has currently but bluefly calls it medium ( i think its a large)

    anyways , mouse color i know is not being produced anymore so i will go preloved.. thanks you for your help:wlae::wlae:
  4. Hi. Bluefly is calling it a medium but it's the larger size, isn't it? It's the mousse to me...although they are calling it grey. (I am waiting for the olive zippy, thank you:smile:
  5. The one on bluefly is def the large as it has the 2 belts on the side. I feel your pain... I was desperate for a medium mouse front pocket after mine was destroyed but could not take the plunge and buy off of eBay. I managed to track down a roche satchel and I'm happy with that now.

    Good luck!