Desperately looking for an LV Diaper Bag

  1. Anyone know where i can get one? E Luxury has run out. I live in Malaysia and the store here is awful - stuck up SA!!!!
  2. I heard that they are not very roomy or comfy. Are you sure you don't want cabas Mezzo as an alternative (you can use it after your baby is older:idea:).
  3. Oooooh whats that? Is that an LV too? Thanks for the quick reply btw.
  4. I have the Vanity Star Souple (the sharon stone bag) that worked GREAT as a diaper bag.
  5. They have several other bags that can serve the same purpose. I love big roomy bags.
  6. Well to be honest, when i looked at the inside of the LV Diaper bag (online pic) the compartments for bottles looked rather small. But i just love the way it looks - and lurve the changing mat!!! Hubby thinks i am mad!!!!! Alternative is the Anya Hindmarch diaper bag - and that i can personalise with pictures of my 2 dobermans as well. Decisions! Decisions!!
  7. Do you absolutley have to have LV? I know this is the LV board, but if you like coach, you might want to check theirs out *ducks*...the pockets/size are great.

    Or as LV Addict suggests, the mezzo is a good alternative, you could out in the pursekits for pockets.
  8. i'm from Malaysia too :rochard:! do you live in KL? yes i know the SAs at the Star Hill store are really stuck up :yucky:. i went home last summer and went to the store and they looked like they did not want me there :mad:

    how about the Batignolles Horizontal? it's a good-sized bag, and i think some of the ladies here use it as a diaper bag too :yes:. plus it doesn't have the all-vachetta bottom that the Cabas Mezzo has.
  9. How about a large Noe? You can put a Purseket in there and there's tons of room!
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