Desperately looking for a Steel Step with RH!

  1. Anyone know if any department stores have this in stock? I just called NM and they told me they have never ordered this color.... I'm about to try other stores...

  2. I think that Aloha Rag in Honolulu HI has it - Call them, as of 2/9 they did have one - is the email tel 808 589 1352
  3. thanks melovepurse! The issue is, im from canada and will be travelling to the states in March (philly and NYC), so would like to find from a dept store whether they can transfer to where I am going to be? I think only 3 Saks have B-bags which does not include NYC (surprising!)....
  4. AR only ships to your billing address on your credit card...but as a trade they don't charge tax or shipping!
  5. good info to know! I read somewhere on the board they will declare lower value for customs as well. does anyone know how much they typically declare?